Live music + amazing stories at the 44th Annual Tale Tellin’ Festival on Oct. 27

Kathryn Tucker Windham
Alabama author Kathyrn Tucker Windham started this storytelling event. (Dilcy Windham Hilley)

Do you love hearing stories and music? We have the perfect upcoming event for you in Selma that includes some good, old-fashioned storytelling. Keep reading to learn all the details about the 44th Annual Tale Tellin’ Festival on Thursday, October 27.

We’ll see you at the Annual Tale Tellin’ Festival

You can hear stories from TV host and storyteller Bill Lepp and live music performed by the Lamont Landers Band, who was on America’s Got Talent in 2019. If that sounds like a lineup that you can’t miss, be sure to add the 44th Annual Tale Tellin’ Festival to your calendar.

How did the festival start?

Kathyrn Tucker Windham
Storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham. (Dilcy Windham Hilley)

If you’re from Alabama, you’ve probably heard of the storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham. The Alabama native and famous author wrote some of our favorite ghost stories, such as Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. Inspired by her love of storytelling, she started the Tale Tellin’ Festival 44 years ago.

“My mother loved all the storytelling events around the country and thought Selma should have one too. I believe she put together some interested parties and the festival was born.”

Dilcy Windham Hilley, Daughter of Kathyrn Tucker Windham

After all these years, the event is still a tradition every year in Selma. If you’re curious about learning more about Kathryn Ticker Windham, this article tells the story of why she started writing ghost stories.

A night filled with the best stories

To hear witty stories from Bill Lepp and the sounds of the South from the Lamont Landers Band, head over to Selma on Thursday, October 29. This longstanding, annual event is the perfect way to appreciate the arts and a good story.

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