Eccellente! 5 amazing spots for delicious Italian in Huntsville

Italian In Huntsville
Would pair perfectly with a glass of wine. (Nick’s Ristorante / Facebook)

Pasta, bread, wine and cheese… YES PLEASE! The way to my heart is through my stomach and there’s bonus points if the eats are Italian. If you’re also a food fanatic, here are five must-tries for Italian in Huntsville.

1. Nick’s Ristorante

Since I moved to Huntsville, I’ve heard all about Nick’s Ristorante. After a glance at the menu, I decided I needed to try this spot before I finished reading the appetizers.

2. Terranova’s Italian Restaurant

Italian In Huntsville
Makin’ me hungry (for Italian). (Terranova’s Italian Restaurant / Facebook)

Like what you see? This is Terranova’s Trio—Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna and Fettuccine Alfredo. No trio could be better.

3. Mangia Italian Restaurant

Italian In Huntsville
I’ll have what they’re having. (Mangia Italian Restaurant / Facebook)

The more I write, the hungrier I get. Not to worry, I’ll continue on for you.

4. Pane E Vino Pizzeria

Italian In Huntsville
Count me in. (Pane E Vino Pizzeria / Facebook)

Once, I was asked why I went to the Huntsville Museum of Art without stopping in Pane E Vino for some Italian eats. Now, I understand the hype behind this pizzeria. Don’t take my word for it? Head to their Facebook for pictures of amazing dishes.

5. Tellini’s Italiano

Italian In Huntsville
Those breadsticks are calling my name. (Tellini’s Italiano / Facebook)

Delizioso! Do you have an event to cater? Wow your guests by serving up Tellini’s.

Bonus: Tellini’s has a drive thru, so you can get your food quick!

Looking for Italian favorites in Mobile or Birmingham? We have you covered.

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