5 surprises awaiting you at Gulf Shores [SLOTH ALERT]


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Celebrate life on the beach at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Photo via Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism

After a year of hunkering down indoors because of the pandemic, there’s one thing we could all benefit from and that’s a vacation. Where can you go to shake off the past year and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism is ready when you are.

1. It will wake up your senses

Gulf Shores
Ride the waves with your BFF. Photo via Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve gotten to know the inside of my house very well. Much too well to be honest. Seeing the same thing day after day has totally bored my senses. What to do? The answer—take a trip to Gulf Shores.

The smell of the salty air. The feel of the pillowy white sand squeaking beneath your feet. The glint and gleam of the sun against the gorgeous emerald water. There’s no better way to wake up your senses.

2. You’ll encounter more than seagulls

Gulf Shores
Sloths may be slow but they are full of personality. Photo via Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo’s Facebook

Have a soft spot for animals? Then get ready to roar like a lion at this exciting news. After closing its doors during the pandemic, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo has reopened to the public.

Here are just some of the cool things it offers:

  • Over 199 species and 31 subspecies; it’s also a haven for eight endangered species
  • On-site restaurant and gift shop as well as picnic areas and rest stops
  • Animal Encounter Exhibits where you can get up close, touch, hold, feed and learn about a range of animals
  • A Reptile House filled with enormous snakes, cool lizards, iguanas and tortoises

Bonus: it’s just a few short miles from the beach, which makes it an easy adventure to squeeze into a busy, fun-filled day.

Are you ready to start planning your vacation? Check out Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism for the perfect getaway.

3. You can enjoy a nature escape at Gulf State Park

Gulf Shores
Escape into nature at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Photo via Gulf Shores Tourism

I have to admit, I never understood why people bothered visiting a state park when taking a trip to the beach. Until last year when I finally agreed to go. Turns out, it’s 100% worth it.

It still offers some sand and water like the beach, but so much more. This is especially true of Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores. Just look at some of the cool things you can do during your visit:

4. You’ll always find something entertaining at The Wharf

Gulf Shores
There’s always something exciting to discover at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama. Photo via The Wharf’s Facebook

Lazy days lounging on a gorgeous sandy beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama is time well-spent. But if you’re someone who likes to venture out and about, I have just the place for you—The Wharf.

Located at Foley Beach Expressway and Canal Road in Orange Beach, The Wharf is an enormous entertainment district filled with over 30 retail shops, incredible dining, an active nightlife and even a huge Ferris wheel. Trust me when I say it’s a must-see place that everyone in your crew will enjoy.

5. You’ll find adventure at Fort Morgan

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Fort Morgan offers beauty and history. Photo via Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism

If the pandemic turned you into a lame couch potato, it’s time to dust off those chip crumbs and opt for some adventure. Lucky for you, I know just the spot—Fort Morgan. It’s located 22 miles west of Gulf Shores at Mobile Point Alabama and it’s a great place for an outdoor nature escape while also learning some history.

Here are a few of the adventurous things you can do while there:

  • Grab your binoculars for some bird watching. As a migrant trap for a variety of species, you’re likely to catch a glimpse of wading birds, terns or even the occasional rarity. 
  • Bike the trails that lead along the Rosemary Dunes.
  • Visit the Fort Morgan Historic Site to discover a masonry site used during the Civil War. 

Ready for that much-needed getaway?

Gulf Shores is definitely calling my name. How about you?

Check out Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism and start planning your vacation now.

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