5 reasons to upgrade your WFH life in Gulf Shores


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Working beach side is the ultimate goal. Photo via Unsplash

Working from home has gone from the new normal to just normal for many. But who says your eight-to-five has to take place inside your actual house? Here are five reasons to pack up your office and work from your new home away from home in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

1. It’s the ultimate inspirational backdrop

Gulf Shores &Amp; Orange Beach
This spot is calling me to work from home here. Photo via Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

I’m a huge advocate for working from home. But day after day of staring at those same four walls can take a toll on your creativity and workflow. 

How can you stimulate your brain and increase productivity? For me, a change of scenery is key, and Gulf Shores and Orange Beach provide the ultimate inspirational backdrop. 

Miles of gorgeous, pristine beaches. Calming fresh sea air. Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. What more could one ask for when working from home? 

2. It’s the perfect weekday getaway

Gulf Shores &Amp; Orange Beach
Imaging taking your lunch break here. Photo via Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

Summer may be when most travel to the beach, but working and schooling from home means you have the freedom to visit the Gulf whenever you want. 

With school back in session, now is the ultimate time to book a weekday getaway where you can crush your eight-to-five workday with fresh air and relaxing views. 

Ready to work remotely from the beach? Visit Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism for places to stay and more.

3. It’s loaded with out-of-office adventures

Gulf Shores &Amp; Orange Beach
Views for miles. Photo via Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

Another awesome thing about working from the beach is that you don’t have to go far for entertainment. When the workday ends, there are all sorts of places in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to score an out-of-office adventure. 

From kayaking and fishing to biking, golfing and shelling, there’s something for everyone.

4. Happy hour is right outside your door

Gulf Shores &Amp; Orange Beach
Combat work stress with views like these. Photo via Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

As the saying goes, it’s 5:00 somewhere. Keep this in mind when you travel to the beach to work from home, away from home. 

After a nonstop week of clients, drafts, meetings and more, by Friday afternoon, I just can’t brain anymore. But knowing there’s some fun and relaxation awaiting me come 5PM helps keep me going. 

If you get the Friday frazzles like I do, remember that happy hour is right outside your door in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Whether you dig a local bar or prefer a trendy restaurant, you can grab a drink and cheers to a successful workweek complete. 

5. Everywhere offers home office conveniences 

Gulf Shores &Amp; Orange Beach
Why work from home when you could work from the beach? Photo via Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

As I’ve shown you so far, working from home doesn’t mean you can’t leave your house. And though that home office may be equipped with your workday essentials, other places will be, too. 

Wherever you stay in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, you’ll have access to all the conveniences of your home office—Wi-Fi to check those countless emails, business centers for Zoom meetings and more. So next time you’re in need of more space, refreshing views and a workflow boost, I suggest packing up your home office and working remotely from the beach.

Now’s the perfect time to work from home at the beach. To work from paradise, check out Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism’s website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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