5 reasons why you’ve got to try Foosackly’s Chicken Fingers

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When it comes to chicken fingers, there are tons of places to choose from, but trust me—Foosackly’s is something to cluck home about. From their delicious house-made sauces to their always friendly service, here are five reasons you’re going to want to give them a try.

1. It was started by two college students back in 2000

Former Louisiana State University students Will Fusaiotti and Eric Bechtel founded the first Foosackly’s back in 2000. The first location is on University Boulevard in Mobile. Since then, they’ve expanded to over 15 locations across Alabama and Florida—including Auburn, Saraland, Foley, Daphne and Pensacola.

According to Tuscaloosa News, the funky name is a play on a high school nickname for co-founder Will Fusaiotti. The restaraunt was founded on the principles of fast, efficient service, value and, of course, fresh food for every visit—and that’s exactly what you’ll get once you try it out.

2. They provide top-notch service

Move over Chick-Fil-A, Foosackly’s means business when it comes to providing outstanding customer service. Employees at Foosackly’s, dubbed “The Foo Crew”, know a thing or two about hospitality. Foosackly’s is known for being personable and efficient with every customer. Don’t worry if you have places to be, you’ll be in and out with delicious food in no time.

3. The chicken fingers…duh!

Did you know that the first time Foosackly’s founders Will Fusaiotti and Eric Bechtel fried a piece of chicken was the week before the first location opened? You’d never be able to tell. Their chicken is fresh, never frozen and they’ve got a special batter process they swear by that creates the perfect crunch.

What’s a chicken finger without something to dip it in? Foosackly’s has incredible made-from-scratch dipping sauces from classics like honey mustard and buttermilk ranch to their original Foo Sauce (my personal fave).

4. You can’t beat the value

What can $6 and some change get you nowadays? At Foosackly’s, it’ll get you a Box with five chicken fingers, fries, slaw, Texas toast and sauce—that’s a deal I can get behind. Plus, you can jazz things up and get a chicken finger sandwich with your choice of house-made sauce, pickles and fries on the side for just $5.39.

It’s no wonder why Foosackly’s is such a hit in Auburn and Tuscaloosa, everything on the menu is definitely broke college student approved.

5. The Bama Buzz team recommends it

We may be a little biased, but we like to think we have great recommendations for what you should check out for yourself. One of our Account Executives, Gabi, drove from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa just to get a taste and she was not disappointed.

“Their chicken is perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Their fries are well done and not soggy and the value is great too! Not to mention, the Foo sauce is 10/10. Pro tip—get the lemonade or sweet tea, it’s freshly made and delicious! In summary, it’s some of the best chicken tenders I’ve ever had AND the best value for the amount of food you get. I wish we had one in Birmingham!”

Gabi Hembree-Lee, Account Executive, The Bama Buzz

One of our content producers and TikTok extraordinaire, JeVante, is a Foosackly’s fan as well.

“I like Foosackly’s because every time I go, the food is hot, fresh and flavorful. The lemonade especially is made to perfection each time. It’s my number one go-to with my meal. I’ve always heard of the bacon queso fries and when I tried them, it was top tier. I felt that it was a nice touch to add with the chicken fingers.”

JeVante Shropshire, Content Producer, Bham Now

As a University of Alabama grad myself, I can confirm that its definitely worth the hype. I would go all the time for a quick meal that was easy on my wallet and it always hit the spot. Any place that throws in a piece of Texas toast with their meals is incredible in my book.

Try for yourself

You’d be a “foo” not to try this place out. Even if you have to take a little road trip to get there, it’ll be well worth it. Find a location near you and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.

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