7 companies with 100+ awesome job openings in Huntsville—apply NOW

Job Openings In Huntsville
Ready, set, job search! Photo via Dynetics Facebook

Business is boomin’ right here in Rocket City. We’ve found seven companies with 100+ job openings in Huntsville. Read on to start your job search.

1. Alabama A&M University

Job Openings In Huntsville
What a beautiful campus to work on! Photo via Alabama A&M University Facebook

Just north of Huntsville, you’ll find another university—Alabama A&M. Great news—there are plenty of jobs here.

Check out all of the jobs available at Alabama A&M University.

2. The Boeing Company

Job Openings In Huntsville
Apply now. Photo via The Boeing Company Facebook

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Boeing. Check out all the jobs available at Boeing.

3. Dynetics

Job Openings In Huntsville
Launch your career now. Photo via Dynetics Facebook

There are plenty of Huntsville Dynetics jobs to go around. What are you looking for in your job search?

4. Northrop Grumman Corporation

Job Openings In Huntsville
Looking for some hands-on experience? Photo via Northrop Grumman Corporation Facebook

If you haven’t heard of Northrop Grumman, they specialize in space, aeronautics, defense and cyberspace. If you’re a “do it all” type, check out their full list of job openings.

5. Huntsville Hospital

Job Openings In Huntsville
Interested in health care? Photo via Huntsville Hospital Facebook

Before moving to Huntsville, I had no idea how big the medical community was. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of it. Check out all the jobs available at Huntsville Hospital.

6. The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Job Openings In Huntsville
There are even jobs for students. Photo via The University of Alabama in Huntsville Facebook

At UAH, you’ll find jobs for staff, faculty and students. Of course, I’ve given you a few job listings for staff and faculty. If you’re a UAH student looking for employment, you’ll need to sign in to see your job listings.

Check out all the available jobs at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

7. US Army/Redstone Arsenal

Job Openings In Huntsville
Civilians and Active Duty working together. Photo via US Army Facebook

Huntsville has a huge military presence. Military personnel or not, there might just be a spot for you on Redstone Arsenal.

Hey Huntsville, what job openings have you seen in the area? We want to know! Email us at emily@thebamabuzz.com.

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