Facebook data center in Huntsville makes plans for expansion

Facebook Data Center In Huntsville
What do you think of this expansion? Rendering via Huntsville Data Center’s Facebook

If you keep up with all things Huntsville, you’ve probably heard about the Facebook (now Meta) data center campus. But did you know it’s ready for an expansion? Keep reading for more.

A current presence in Huntsville

Facebook is a $3 billion investment into the city of Huntsville. Yes, you read that correctly—THREE BILLION.

In the North Huntsville Industrial Park, the company operates in two data center buildings. About a month ago, a third building on campus was approved.

What now? Expansion. They’ve had a taste of Alabama’s largest and fastest-growing city and they want more.

Can we blame them? Not at all.

Expanding in Huntsville

Not one. Not two. BUT THREE MORE campus buildings are underway. These buildings will occupy 250 acres, making up a second campus in Huntsville.

In total, the campus will cover almost 600 acres.

It will be north of the current Facebook (once again reminding you it’s now called Meta) campus. These could be completed as soon as late 2022.

Putting $ in Huntsville

With a project this big, there’s got to be promise of some serious cash flow. So, let’s talk numbers.

This expansion will welcome 50+ jobs, with an annual salary of $80,000. The construction site also allows for the influx of workers eating, shopping and living locally. This goes right into the Huntsville economy.

The company’s first tax assessment will generate $8-10 million for the local school system. Meta (I am so proud of you for making the change from Facebook in this one article😉) has given over $1.9 million to Huntsville/Madison County with partnerships through the schools and nonprofit organizations.

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