Facebook to invest over $1 BILLION in Huntsville Data Center

Facebook’s Huntsville Data Center. Photo via Huntsville Data Center on Facebook

Facebook’s Huntsville Data Center will become a ONE BILLION DOLLAR investment, according to Facebook’s recent announcement. The campus is set to open in October 2024, bringing over 200 jobs to the fastest-growing city in the state.

Landing in Huntsville in 2024

Facebook’s Huntsville Data Center. Photo via Huntsville Data Center on Facebook

In 2018, Facebook announced that it will build a new data center in North Huntsville Industrial Park, near the Toyota Manufacturing Motor plant. With 13 already operating in the US, Huntsville will join a select few cities who can boast this kind of Facebook campus. The facility will be a grand total of 2.5 million-square-feet—one of the largest data centers in the US.

The grand opening of the data center is expected in October 2024. The Huntsville campus will be home to long halls of servers that hold Facebook data, from the funny cat videos you share to your latest family vacation album and all those Facebook groups you see Bama Buzzers posting in.


City Of Huntsville Daytime
Facebook is coming to Huntsville in 2024. Photo via the City of Huntsville’s Facebook

That’s a lot of zeros. Originally, Facebook set its Huntsville investment total at $750 million. In a statement released on Tuesday, Facebook is adding an additional $250 million to its forthcoming data center. Early reports first set the total jobs arriving along with the tech giant at 100, but that number has now doubled to over 200 total jobs.

Another great thing about the new data center is that it will run entirely on renewable energy, including an upcoming solar project in Muscle Shoals.

Construction of the new data center is already underway. According to AL.com, the first two buildings of the campus are complete. These are expected to begin operating by the end of this year.

While the full campus won’t be finished until 2024, Huntsville is already seeing the benefit. According to AL.com, Facebook has also donated $1 million to Madison County Schools and sponsored several Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce events.

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