7 romantic restaurants in Tuscaloosa that will dazzle your date this Valentine’s Day

Roses And A Miller Light-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
How romantic. (FIVE Tuscaloosa on Facebook)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to plan that dreamy date night. Read on to find seven romantic restaurants in Tuscaloosa that’ll set the mood right.

1. River

Campagne Flutes And Rose Petals-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
Feelin’ the love. (River on Facebook)

A riverside view while you’re dining…what could be more romantic than that? This Valentine’s Day, River is serving a fixed menu by reservation only. The menu hasn’t been released yet, but based on their current offerings, it’s bound to be delicious.

2. Evangeline’s

Chocolate Mousse Cake-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
🎵 L is for the way I’m looking at this chocolate mousse cake. (Evangeline’s on Facebook)

Evangeline’s is offering cocktail specials, complimentary toasts, holiday decor and a pre-fixed dinner menu for the week of Feb. 11-19. Reservations are currently booked up for the 11th, 12th and 14th, but there are still tables available for the 13th, 15-19th for your special night.

3. Dillard’s Chophouse

Lamb And Garlic Tater Tots-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
The definition of decadance. (Dillard’s Chophouse on Facebook)

Owned by Tuscaloosa native Andrew Dillard, this chophouse is serving up mouthwatering steaks in a fine-dining setting for your big night out.

4. Chuck’s Fish

Champagne And A Rose In A Vase-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
Table for two. (Chuck’s Fish on Facebook)

Champagne and sushi? Sounds like a match made in heaven. Limited reservations are still available for Feb. 14th and for those last minute planners, they have some availbility for walk-ins.

5. Half Shell Oyster House

Chocolate Cake-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
Does chocolate cake count as a date? (Half Shell Oyster House on Facebook)

For seafood lovers, Half Shell is the ideal place to enjoy the holiday of love. Their oyster and fish selection is swoon-worthy and there’s a little something for everyone with sandwiches, steaks, salads and more on the menu.

6. Five

Coffee And A Rose-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
Will you accept this rose (and coffee)? (FIVE Tuscaloosa on Facebook)

With low-lighting, eclectic art and a disco ball, the ambiance at Five is the perfect mix of fun and formal. They’re well-known for their five item menus, but don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

7. Depalma’s Italian Cafe

Lamb And Garlic Bread-Romantic Restaurants In Tuscaloosa
This picture does the talking. (DePalma’s Italian Cafe on Facebook)

Date night + Italian food? That’s amoré. Depalma’s is serving up authentic Italian dishes and wine to make your night ~bellissimo~.

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