9 Alabama photographers you need to follow on Instagram

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Golden hour at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville! Photo courtesy of Gerrit Burke @sparrowdronehsv

From Mobile to Scottsboro and everywhere in-between, Alabama is a beautiful state full of awe-inspiring landscapes, unique people and stunning wildlife. Throughout the state, hundreds of photographers capture a split-second of that beauty every day. We picked out a few Alabama photographers you need to start following on Instagram👇.

1. @bradboland

Holding down the photography fort in Mobile, Alabama is Brad Boland. His Instagram account, @bradboland, is chock full of photos taken in the Mobile Bay—many of which feature sailboats and yachts at golden hour. And if you love his work, here’s some good news: Brad Boland sells prints on his website! You can also learn more about his book, Alabama’s Beautiful Bayou, which features some of his favorite photos from the Bayou La Batre area.

2. @bigalphotos

Want to know what it’s like to live in Birmingham? Follow Alan Huffman, also known as @bigalphotos, to see what it’s like through the lens of his camera.

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3. @jowo.foto

@jowos.photos, or Joshua Woods, is a Birmingham-based photographer who specializes in car photography. Most weekends, you can find Josh snapping cool photos of Ferrari’s at Birmingham Car & Coffee or other car shows. In addition to his photos of cars on his main account, you can find some of his non-car photos on his other account: @jowos.fotos.

4. @ten42photo

Nature. The Birmingham skyline. Buildings at golden hour. You can find all of this and more on the Instagram account of @ten42photo. Plus, since they’re a Law Enforcement Officer, you can find premium™️ photos of police K9’s, such as @k9.thunder!

5. @robtaylorphotography

Robin Taylor takes incredible photos of waterfalls, landscapes and sunsets throughout Alabama. But my favorites? I loooove his photos of birds in Alabama. Be sure to give him a follow so you don’t miss incredible shots of eagles soaring through the Alabama sky!

6. @funkdrone

Based in Mobile, Alabama, Forrest J. Funk, also known as @funkdrone, takes some incredible drone shots in Alabama’s Port City. But that’s not all—his Instagram account is full of beautiful shots taken a bit closer to the ground.

7. @andre_moore350

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Andre Moore’s Instagram account, @andre_moore350, features absolutely stunning shots of nature and landscapes throughout Alabama. I particularly enjoy his latest kick—shots of wildlife at night.

8. @highrailer3

My inner 5-year-old jumps with joy when I scroll through the photos of @highrailer3. SO. MANY. TRAINS! This account features photos of trains, hiking and waterfalls taken by Robert Norris, who also posts portraits on @robertnorrisimages.

9. @sparrowdronehsv

Gerrit Burke, AKA @sparrowdronehsv, uses his drone to highlight the beauty of North Alabama from the air. Plus, he’s been nominated for Huntsville’s Emerging Entrepreneur of 2021! We can’t wait to see what incredible photo he posts next.

Who is your favorite photographer in Alabama? Who’d we miss? Tag us @thebamabuzz to let us know who to follow!

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