9 holiday drinks in Huntsville that will knock your stockings off + 2 BONUS shots

Holiday Drinks
Drink up, Huntsville. Photo via The Camp

It’s December and we’re all about all things festive. There’s no reason why your drink shouldn’t be. Check out these extravagant, Insta-worthy holiday drinks for both the naughty and the nice. Keep reading to get your holiday booze on.

1. Kris Kringle Colada

Holiday Drinks
Feelin’ tropical in December. Photo via Phat Sammy’s

An ode to the man in a red suit. Drink up in his honor. This concoction has dark Jamaican rum, amaro, allsprice dram, lime, pineapple and coconut cream.

2. Sippin’ Santa

Holiday Drinks
See you soon, Santa. Photo via Phat Sammy’s

You didn’t think the Kris Kringle Colada would be the only Santa-themed drink? Of course you didn’t.

Order one of these to be sippin’ on aged demerara rum, amaro, lemon, orange and gingerbread mix.

Yes, the gingerbread mix caught my attention, too.

3. Snickerdoodle

Holiday Drinks
Count me in. Photo via Stella’s

Once you hear the deets on this holiday drink, you won’t be snickering.

Fellow vodka drinkers—this one is for us.

This vodka is infused with a delicious caramel. Pair that with light cream, a hint of salt and top it off with a caramel-cinnamon sugar rim? Yes, please.

4. White Russian Christmas

Holiday Drinks
I wish I could try all of these holiday drinks. Photo via Phat Sammy’s

Another one for the vodka fans.

Vodka, dark-roast cold brew, condensed milk, ancho chie liqeur and cinnamon syrup? Sounds delish.

5. SanTaRex

Holiday Drinks
Roar. Photo via The Camp Facebook

Who doesn’t love a play on words? You already know I do.

If you’re ready to give this one a try, here’s what you can expect—blanco tequila, mezcal, melon liqueur, almond orgeat, lime and tiki bitters.

Some of these ingredients I have never heard of… that won’t stop me from giving the SanTaRex a try.

6. Met Gala Margarita

Holiday Drinks
The perfect color combination. Photo via Stella’s

Is any drink menu truly complete without a margarita? I don’t think so!

Caution: You may feel like a celeb at the Met Gala after drinking.

Let’s check out the ingredients—Reposado tequila, cranberry, orange liqueur, lime, fresh mint and finished with a sugar rim.

7. Bad Santa

Holiday Drinks
This sounds perfect. Photo via The Camp Facebook

This boozy delight is served hot and is sure to warm your spirit.

Enjoy the combination of aged Jamaican rum, velvet falernum, mixed spiced butter, oat milk and nutmeg.

8. The Regifter

Holiday Drinks
Snag your Instas. Photo via Phat Sammy’s

Your Instagram feed will swoon over this adorable drink. Never thought I’d use that word to describe a drink but here we are!

Martinique Agricole rhum, caramelized le-garam masala syrup, cherry liqueur and lemon… My mouth is watering. Is yours?

9. Christmas Carol Barrel

Holiday Drinks
Fa la la. Photo via The Camp Facebook

This is another holiday favorite. What could be better than Reposado tequila, coffee liqueur, orange bitters, dry Curaçao, spiced chocolate and aromatic bitters?

Trick question, the answer is nothing.

BONUS: Naughty and Nice shots

Holiday Drinks
You may not take the same shot as your friend.. you never know… Photo via The Camp Instagram

We said these drinks were for the naughty and the nice. The same rules don’t apply to the shots.

You’ll have to come to terms with which list you’re on. Remember: He’s watching. You know who.

Nice shot: Gingerbread spiced rye

Naughty shot: Cinnamon spiced bourbon

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