A guide to 4 Arts & Entertainment districts in Huntsville

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Stove House in Huntsville. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for The Bama Buzz

Rocket City is full of amazing places to visit and things to see. The idea of an Arts & Entertainment District is that people can gather for live music, festivals, dining, and other fun things with an alcoholic beverage and take it with them throughout the whole district. With the city being so full of things to do and growing so rapidly, we thought we would create an easy guide to the 4 Arts & Entertainment Districts in Huntsville.

1. Quigley

Big Spring Park Huntsville
Big Spring International Park in Huntsville. Photo via huntsville.org

The Quigley District has a pretty neat story behind it, with being named after a surveyor who created a street map of Huntsville over 115 years ago. This place is centered around the beautiful Big Spring International Park and is in the heart of downtown Huntsville.

The Meridian district merged into what is now the Quigley district, with boundaries through the Gateway Greenway and along Meridian Street. This is the place to go if you are looking to roam around outside and explore what entertainment Huntsville has to offer.

It is the largest district out of the four, and it sure is packed with things to do. There are over 50 places to eat and drink, with some highlights being Rocket Republic Brewing & The Poppy and Parliament. It is also home to the beloved Huntsville Museum of Art and the Von Braun Center, which is a performing arts complex.

Hours: Monday-Sunday, Noon-11 PM

2. Providence

Village Of Providence
The Village of Providence. Photo via VillageofProvidence.com 

The Providence Arts & Entertainment District combines big city life with that perfect, quaint small town feeling! It is centered around the lovely Village of Providence community.

Its boundaries run along Providence Main Street and surround the bustling town center. Come here to walk door to door into award-winning restaurants, fashionable boutiques, retail shops, and local businesses. Providence is known for its great traditional atmosphere that is hard to beat.

This is our smallest district out of the four. We recommend that you grab a beer at The Casual Pint and walk around the whole district (within the boundaries, of course). If you aren’t a beer person, head on over to the Uncorked Wine Shop for your favorite glass of white or red.

Hours: Monday-Sunday, Noon-11 PM

3. Butler Green

The S.R. Butler Green Arts & Entertainment District is a very neat place to gather with friends or family.

Its boundaries include the Campus No. 805 complex and go eastward downtown to include the Salty Nut Brewery and several adjacent areas that face Clinton Avenue. The district also extends west of Campus No. 805, down 4th street, to include the Stovehouse Complex.

We highly recommend trying out the Straight to Ale Brewery and Parm & Pepper, but you really can’t go wrong with anything in this Arts & Entertainment District.

Hours: Monday-Sunday, Noon-11 PM

4. MidCity

Midcity Huntsville
Dave and Busters in MidCity District. Photo via MidCity Facebook

MidCity is definitely Huntsville’s trendiest spot, with its next-generation energy. It has festivals, markets, retail, and food & drink galore.

The boundaries of MidCity encompass the former Madison Square Mall site, lying east of Research Park Boulevard, south of University Drive, and west of Old Monrovia Road. It is in a very central location to the city of Huntsville, and should be on your list of go-to places.

While you’re here, definitely stop by and play a few rounds of Top Golf or stay for Dave and Busters. Also, to our excitement, there is a Trader Joe’s coming to MidCity District!

Hours: Monday-Sunday, Noon-11 PM

Know Before You Go

So now that you know all about the 4 Arts & Entertainment Districts, here is some information you need to know before you go. These special purple solo cups are the only thing that you can drink alcohol out of as you walk around the districts. You also cannot bring in any beverages from an outside source.

You can know where the district ends and begins by searching for the blue sign on the ground below. It will tell you when you are in or out, so that you can enjoy your drinks within the boundaries of the district.

Now get out there and have some fun at one of these Arts & Entertainment Districts!

District Map
District Map. Photo via huntsville.gov

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