A new magnet school could be coming to North Alabama

Albertville Magnet Academy
(Albertville City Schools)

Albertville City Schools is proposing a new magnet school—Albertville Magnet Academy—which will be decided on in the coming few months. Keep reading for all the details.

What Albertville Magnet Academy would bring to the area

Similar to the other magnet school in North Alabama, the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE), Albertville Magnet Academy (AMA) would concentrate on a specific field of interest, offering high-quality education and training in a smaller environment than traditional schools.

According to Albertville City Schools, magnet schools consistently have higher attendance rates, higher graduation rates and lower drop-out rates

The proposed AMA would focus on Career and Technical Education (CTE), and the specialized curriculum would focus on experiential learning and hands-on experience. The school would be housed in the new Career and Technical Education building currently under construction in Albertville (located in northeast Alabama in Marshall County).

AMA pathways

Man Using Welding Machine
Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Programs called “pathways” would be offered at AMA in the following areas:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Advertising design
  • Television production
  • Animal science
  • Building and construction
  • Plant science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Education and training
  • Medical professionals
  • Precision machining
  • Welding

In addition, students at AMA would receive instruction in core subjects to ensure a comprehensive education. AMA students would also have access to extracurricular activities and resources from the Albertville City Schools system. Find the full proposal here.

Students who chose to stay enrolled at Albertville High School would continue to have career tech opportunities as well, including agriculture, business administration, culinary arts, financial management services, health science, marketing, sports medicine, recreation, travel and tourism.

When would Albertville Magnet Academy open?

A lot has to happen before the vision for AMA comes to life, including community input, meetings and a vote.

“We want to emphasize that no decisions have been made.

We value the community’s input and are trying to gather all of the information we can before making such a big decision.”

Dr. Reeves, Superintendent, Albertville City Schools

Here’s the timeline:

  • November 9-26, 2023—Period for questions and feedback (contact superintendent@albertk12.org)
  • November 29, 2023—Community meeting involving community stakeholders and district leadership
  • December 5, 2023—Board meeting to review the AMA proposal
  • January 16, 2024—Voting on AMA during the regular monthly meeting

If voted to move forward, AMA would welcome students in the 2024-2025 school year.

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