Amazing animal adoption event coming to Alabama shelters—July 11-31

Adopt A Pet In Mobile
Animals are in need of adoption all over Alabama (Purrfect Partners of Mobile)

BISSELL Pet Foundation is promoting a national call for animal adoption across the country by hosting its longest-ever summer national event, “Empty the Shelters.” “Empty The Shelters” is a reduced adoption event that will run from Monday July 11 to Sunday, July 31 and several Alabama animal shelters will be participating. Read on to learn all about it

Animal shelters are overcrowded

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Missy (Birmingham Humane Society / Facebook)

Animal shelters are horrifically overcrowded and often the only way they can stay afloat financially is by euthanizing unadopted animals. Each year, around 920,000 pets are put down in humane societies across the United States. This number roughly averages out to 390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats. That’s a lot of dogs and cats, but this number has actually gone down over the years. Back in 2011, 2.6 million animals were euthanized in shelters. One of the best ways to combat the number of pets being put to sleep is to promote animal adoption.

Finding new homes for pets

Animal Adoption
Finding homes for pets (Birmingham Humane Society / Facebook)

“Empty The Shelters” was created by BISSELL Pet Foundation as a way to combat shelter overcrowding and the high rates of animal euthanasia in the US. By both lowering the fees needed to adopt a pet and promoting the need these animals have for good homes, BISSELL hopes to save as many animals as possible across America.

Participating shelters in Alabama

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Shelters across Alabama are participating (Birmingham Humane Society / Facebook)

250 humane societies across the US are participating. Five of these animal shelters are located in Alabama.

From July 11-31, all animals at these shelters can be adopted for $25. Even if you don’t want to add another pet to your household, you can also participate by just helping spread the word. Let’s try and find as many homes for these little guys as possible!

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