Alabama had a net migration of 44,673 last year

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Alabama has seen tremendous growth throughout the past few years. (Photo via Jon Eastwood)

Over 27 million people moved within the United States in 2021, and it’s no surprise that Alabama is an especially popular destination. In fact, the state had a net migration of 44,673 last year. Keep reading to learn more about how Alabama ranks in the most popular states by generation.

The Southeast saw significant migration gains

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You just can’t beat the warm Alabama sun. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Today’s Homeowner analyzed the most recent data from the US Census Bureau’s 1-year American Community Survey and found that certain states’ migration depended greatly on generations. There are many factors that come into play when determining where to move. Factors such as:

  • Housing affordability
  • Retirement
  • Proximity to family
  • Remote work opportunities
  • Quality of education

States and cities in the Southeast were some of the most popular overall, assuming the low cost of living and warm weather were contributing factors in determining where to move. As Generation Z moves to bigger cities in the US, older generations are moving away from the busy city life and to smaller states in the South. Alabama welcomed 31,320 from the Millenial generation in 2021, and 4,302 from the Baby Boomer generation.

The report from Today’s Homeowner showed that younger Americans are moving to cities and states with more career and educational opportunities, while older Americans likely choose places with lower income taxes or a comfortable place to raise their children. The report concluded that regardless of age, most Americans want to move to Southern states, specifically those along the East Coast. 

Alabama is home to some of the most affordable housing, retirement and education in the Southeast. We may be biased, but Alabama community and hospitality just can’t be beaten.

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