Alabama is home to 3rd most picturesque small town in the US—can you guess which one?

Orange Beach Picturesque
Orange Beach is one of the most picturesque cities in America. (City of Orange Beach / Facebook)

A recent study by North Carolina Travel Guides (yep, this is getting scientific) just ranked the United States’ most picturesque small towns, and one Alabama town is #3. Keep reading to learn more about Orange Beach and why North Carolina Travel Guides ranked it so highly!

A perfectly picturesque city right here in Alabama

Orange Beach
The sunsets at Orange Beach are incredible. (City of Orange Beach / Facebook)

Out of 500 small towns that North Carolina Travel Guides compared, Orange Beach came in at #3. In case you’re skeptical about favoritism, North Carolina doesn’t come on the list until #50.

To compare the small towns, the study rated each one in three categories:

  • Search trends
  • Popularity with photographers
  • Popularity for photography with the general public

Orange Beach was on the heels of the #1 spot, Fredericksburg, Texas, and the #2 spot, Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Orange Beach ranked particularly high in the “popularity for photography with the general public” category.

Here’s what they had to say about our beloved beach:

“Known for its gorgeous beaches and clear waters, Orange Beach, Alabama, is one of the most picturesque small towns in America. This town on the Gulf Coast of the state of Alabama has a lot to offer for those that love beautiful places. From going for a relaxing stroll on the town’s boardwalk to seeing Orange Beach from the water while doing a cruise to getting beautiful views of the water while hanging out at the beach, the beauty of the town will surprise you.”

North Carolina Travel Guides

We could agree more—Orange Beach is beautiful, and it offers tons to do.

Things to do in Orange Beach

Orange Beach
Orange Beach is full of things to do. (City of Orange Beach / Facebook)

Ready to visit this ultra-picturesque spot? We’ve got plenty of tips on how to make the most of a visit to Orange Beach.

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