National Weather Service issues heat advisory for Alabama—here’s how to stay cool

Nws Huntsville
Heat index graphic for Huntsville (NWS Huntsville / Twitter)

Alabama has been feeling the humidity and heat as we enter the height of summer. To keep you safe, read on for tips on how to stay cool.

Alabama Heat Advisory

A heat advisory for Central Alabama has been issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for Birmingham and surrounding areas. According to NWS, the heat max advisory is 105 degrees. This explains the gallons of sweat that we have been experiencing. 

The National Weather Service for Hunstville and Mobile also issued a heat advisory that may top over 111 degrees. 

Due to these advisories, they have urged Alabamians to take precautions when spending time outdoors. We encourage you to stay safe by checking out these tips

Local cooling stations

Earlier this week, we published a list of cooling stations in Birmingham. Here’s where you can find each station:  

Birmingham summer camps are making sure to keep their participants safe during the heat advisory.

The city of Huntsville is directing individuals in need of a cool place to take shelter at these locations:

They even mentioned a public splash pad located in Brahan Spring Park as a fun way to cool off in the midst of the thick southern heat. 

The city of Mobile directs residents in need of cooling stations to:

Tips for combatting the heat advisory–even your pets too

Heat Advisory Huntsville
It’s important to decipher your symptoms during the Alabama heat advisory. (NWS Birmingham / Twitter)

This graphic was published in a Bham Now story earlier this week from the National Weather Service of Birmingham on how to differentiate between heat exhaustion and heatstroke. 

Also, make sure to keep your pets indoors during Alabama’s heat advisory. NWS advises keeping your pets at home, so they won’t be at risk for heatstroke. 

Pet Heat Safety
A few tips to keep your fur baby cool! (NWS)

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