Alabama received 98,072,600 robocalls in April—how to stop them

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Bogged down by countless robocalls? You aren’t alone! According to PR Newswire, out of the country’s 50 states, Alabama ranked No. 13 for most robocalls received during the month of April. Ugh. Read on to learn what we discovered and some ways you can put an end to those unwanted robocalls. 

Based on information from YouMail, a free call protection app for mobile phones, during the month of April, Alabama received an estimated 98,072,600 robocalls. Imagine how many rings that equaled… While that’s likely under 10 calls per person a day, personally speaking, it sure can feel like receiving billions a day! 

The good news is that April’s numbers were much lower than they were in March when Alabama made the No. 3 spot for the highest number of robocalls received in states across the US.

But hold the phone… April is a shorter month than March, so unfortunately we can likely hang up on that hopeful news.

Top US cities affected in April, 2022

Let’s dive a bit deeper with some city numbers. According to the article, out of 100 cities, here’s where some of Alabama’s biggest cities landed on the list of robocalls received during the month of April.

  • Birmingham: #23 | Estimated calls received: 35,553,400
  • Huntsville: #45 | Estimated calls received: 25,850,300
  • Montgomery: #57 | Estimated calls received: 23,206,600
  • Mobile: #96 | Estimated calls received: 13,410,800

How to stop receiving countless robocalls

While turning the ringer off and hitting “ignore” are quick go-to solutions, they aren’t permanent. So one thing you can do is download the free YouMail app on your phone. It’s a free call protection app for mobile phones that blocks unwanted robocallers by making sure the user’s phone doesn’t ring. It also plays an out-of-service message that makes the caller think they’ve dialed an invalid number. Pretty clever.

I decided to download it before I started writing this article, and as of five minutes ago, I have yet to receive a single robocall... But, I will be sure to keep y’all posted on whether or not it stays that way. 

Do you know of other ways to stop robocalls from disrupting your day? Let us know on social @thebamabuzz! 

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