Alabama reigns supreme as college with most active NFL players and highest overall earnings

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Whether you root for the Alabama Crimson Tide or not, you can’t deny they’ve got a lot of top talent in the big leagues. In a report from Betway Insider, Alabama was ranked #1 in the nation among colleges with the most active players in the NFL. Plus, they rank highest for overall earnings. Read on for more details.

Roll Tide Roll

With almost 400 total NFL draft picks to date, it’s no secret Alabama is the most popular college for NFL talent. Betway Insider gave a shoutout to Bama alum Julio Jones in their list:

“Boasting the most active players, and the highest overall earnings, Alabama is home to the likes of Julio Jones, who made his name covering over 1,000 receiving yards in 7 of his 10 seasons with the Falcons. Since then, he has only enhanced his reputation on the pitch further, having now signed on with the Buccaneers.”

Excerpt from “Which college football programs produce the most NFL players?” on Betway Insider

The University of Alabama currently has 70 active players in the NFL, with their total overall earnings standing at $1,120,704,800. According to Betway Insider, the top earner is Amari Cooper—current wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns—at a whopping $96,672,334.


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In order to determine which colleges provided the best draft candidates, Betway looked at the total number of active players in the league at the moment and the NFL draft picks from all state colleges compared to players now sitting in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Alabama has eight total Hall of Famers, including Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler. Following behind Alabama on the rankings are Ohio State, Louisiana State, Georgia and Notre Dame.

With three Bama players selected for the NFL draft this year, including QB Bryce Young as the first pick, the Tide is on a roll.

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