Alabama State is getting a new golf training facility

Asu Golf Training Facility Groundbreaking
Ground-breaking for ASU’s new golf training facility. (David Campbell / Alabama State University)

On November 27, Alabama State University (ASU) broke ground on a brand new golf training facility, which makes it one of the first Historically Black College or University (HBCU) golf clubhouses in the nation.

Keep reading for what we know about this anticipated addition to ASU’s campus.

ASU golf training facility ground-breaking ceremony

Asu Golf Training Facility Groundbreaking
ASU head golf coach Quincy Heard. (David Campbell / Alabama State University)

According to a press release from ASU, leaders of the new facility were among the ones who gave comments followed by the ceremonial shoveling of newly turned soil.

Leaders of this facility, affectionately named the Hornet Golf Clubhouse, include:

  • ASU President, Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr.
  • Athletic Director, Dr. Jason Cable
  • Head Golf Coach, Quincy Heard
  • Vice President of Facilities Management, Donald Dotson
  • Clubhouse Architect, Johnny Raines

ASU President stated that the construction of the Hornet Golf Clubhouse contributes to why it is often said that “History is Made” at ASU.

“We will be among the first HBCU to have a facility like this located on its campus.

What we are unveiling here today is a collective effort put together by ASU’s leadership team of a vision to help us train and teach more scholar golf athletes at ASU and strike an interest in student-golfers nationwide, so as to get them to attend the University and join our Hornet Nation golf team.”

Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., President, Alabama State University

Golf Coach Heard explained at the ceremony that this clubhouse was among his goals when he began working at ASU four years ago.

“When I started as a coach here, I had several goals that I wanted to implement to help our school and its team of student-golfers to have one of the most relevant golf programs in the nation.

This clubhouse will help make our current players better trained, our team more visible and attract new quality golf students to attend ASU.”

Quincy Heard, Head Golf Coach, Alabama State University

State-of-the-art golf training facility

Asu Golf Training Facility Groundbreaking
State-of-the-art golf training facility. (David Campbell / Alabama State University)

The clubhouse, which will be near the on-campus Houston Markham Complex, will be a state-of-the-art facility that is rare among Division I programs.

As stated in the release, ASU Athletic Director believes that golf is important to the University as a sport and as students advance through life.

“This facility will not only help improve our team and its results, but it will serve as an avenue to introduce golf to our campus and local community.”

Dr. Jason Cable, Athletic Director, Alabama State University

The Hornet Golf Clubhouse is anticipated to be up and running in March 2024.

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