NEW: Alabama unemployment rate hits record low in July

Gabi Working In Telephone Booth At Bham Now Office Alabama Unemployment Rates
The Alabama unemployment rate hit a record low in July. (Bham Now)

In July 2023, Alabama hit a new record-low unemployment rate after setting records the previous two months as well. Here’s what you need to know about the Alabama Department of Labor’s (ADOL) newest report.

The record-setting Alabama unemployment rate

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Alabama’s unemployment rates continue to drop. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Here are some fast facts about Alabama’s recent unemployment rates:

  • July 2023 Record Unemployment Rate: 2.1% (a new record!)
  • Previous Record: 2.2% in May + June of 2023
  • July 2022 Unemployment Rate: 2.6%
  • Labor Force Participation Rate: 57% (unchanged)

In a release from the ADOL, Secretary Fitzgerald Washington expounded on the importance of these numbers.

“Alabama continues to set economic records.

Not only did we maintain our streak of setting new employment records, we also saw yet another decrease in our unemployment rate, bringing us to a new record low of 2.1%.”

Alabama Department of Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington (ADOL’s Website)

This announcement follows another exciting unemployment report from April 2023 by our sister publication Bham Now—Birmingham metro area ranks 1st in the U.S. with lowest unemployment rate.

Which Alabama counties have the lowest unemployment rates?

The Downtown Area Of Huntsville
North Alabama has three of the counties with the state’s lowest unemployment rates! (Nathan Watson / The Bama Buzz)

Of all the Alabama counties, here are the ones with the lowest unemployment rates:

  • Shelby County at 1.7%
  • Morgan County at 1.8%
  • Madison County at 1.9%
  • Limestone County at 1.9%
  • Cullman County at 1.9%

The counties with the highest unemployment rates are Wilcox County (6.7%), Dallas County (5.5%) and Perry County (5.4%).

However, all of Alabama’s counties saw steady or decreasing unemployment rates in July.

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