Time to face the music—Alabama Symphony Orchestra is hosting free Spring Serenades

Alabama Symphony Orchestra Performing Virtually For Spring Serenades
A pandemic will not stop the Alabama Symphony Orchestra from giving music to the public. Photo via Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook

Alabama Symphony Orchestra, or ASO, is hosting a free concert series called Spring Serenades from February to June. How do you get to enjoy these free concerts? Keep reading to find out where to hear the music🎶.

Who is the ASO?

Aso Teaches An Vestavia Elementary School For Their Aso Virtually Inspired Program
Principal Clarinet Kathleen Costello teaches and plays for Vestavia Hills Dolly Ridge Elementary School. Photo via Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook

Starting in 1921 as a group of volunteer musicians, ASO evolved into the state’s only full-time professional orchestra. ASO breaks the boundaries of music through concert, education and creativity to make symphonic music for everyone.

They believe you don’t need a degree in music to enjoy a symphony. When attending one of ASO’s concerts, you don’t have to worry about what you wear—just bring an open mind and a sense of enchantment.

Let the ASO musicians’ talent wow you as you listen and watch each member play live music as one. Each symphony tells a story that you get to be a part of as an audience member.

Because without you, there’d be no music

Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Now, ASO is bringing a new concert series to living rooms everywhere through their free virtual programs.

Enjoy the Spring Serenades now through June 🎼

Spring Serenades Shamrocks And Strings
ASO wants to take you here with their Shamrocks and Strings concert. Photo via Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook

ASO is launching a new concert series called Spring Serenades. Since February, each month leading up to June will have a different concert available for a limited time.

ASO artists will perform in socially distanced ensembles that you can view on alabamasymphony.org. Catch a preview of their upcoming concerts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Their next Spring Serenade is Shamrocks & Strings conducted by Carlos Izcaray and Kevin Fitzgerald. Shamrocks & Strings starts Friday March 12 and ends Sunday March 21.

You will hear ASO’s take on Adagio & Fugue by Mozart and St. Paul’s Suite by Gustav Holst. Shamrocks & Strings is about welcoming in the spring by taking the audience to the coastal mountains of Ireland through music.

Don’t miss out the next Spring Serenades

Friday March 26-Sunday April 4

  • Enjoy: Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet
  • Learn more here.

Friday April 9-Sunday 18

  • Enjoy: Bohemian Serenade
  • Learn more here.

Friday April 23-Sunday May 2

  • Enjoy: Cinematic Strings
  • Learn more here.

Friday May 7-Sunday 16

  • Enjoy: Music for Winds & Strings
  • Learn more here.

Friday May 21-Sunday 30

  • Enjoy: Grieg’s Holberg Suite
  • Learn more here.

Friday June 4-Sunday 13

  • Enjoy: Mozart & Saint-Georges
  • Learn more here.

If you missed out on their 2020 Maestro’s Ball, you can still enjoy their virtual concert here.

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