Auburn University creates $5.63B impact on Alabama + over 27K jobs according to a new study

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Auburn University. Photo via Nathan Watson for The Bama Buzz

Get ready to yell War Eagle!, because a new study has revealed that Auburn University and its alumni make a $5.6B impact on the state of Alabama, and create more than 27,000 jobs in addition to university employment. Read on for all the details.

About the Study

The study was conducted by Economic Research Services in Montgomery and Auburn’s Division of University Outreach, both of which have coordinated ongoing impact studies for Auburn since 1996.

Those involved in the study based their research on recent statistical and financial data from several places, including:

  • Auburn’s main campus
  • Auburn University at Montgomery
  • Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Auburn’s Impact

So, in what ways does Auburn make such a mighty impact on the state? Here’s the breakdown:

  • A direct economic impact of $2.2B represents Auburn’s in-state expenditures (payroll + purchases, student spending on local housing + food, construction and spending by visitors to university events.)
  • An increase in human capital from Auburn’s high-quality educational programs. This represents a $3.42B in earning power of Auburn grads residing in the state.

But that’s not all

Auburn University also provides primary academic support for several major state industries, businesses and occupations through a wide range of degree programs, professional education and training.

The school also supports innovation, industry, collaboration and entrepreneurship that promote the economy of the state and of the nation as a whole.

What’s also impressive is that much of these accomplishments were achieved during the pandemic.

“Even during this challenging pandemic, Auburn has been a critical economic engine for Alabama. With nationally recognized academic programs, along with our capacity to build partnerships and foster innovation through our renowned research and outreach efforts, Auburn benefits individuals, organizations and communities all across our state.”

Jay Gogue, President, Auburn University

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