Auburn wins 1st place + fan favorite in Metallica Marching Band Competition

Though Auburn’s football season had a disappointing finish, the Tigers band came through on the national stage. Winning two categories in the famed Metallica Marching Band Competition, the Auburn University Marching Band has us saying “War Eagle.”

Auburn’s big wins in the Metallica Marching Band Competition

Not only did Auburn take home the big prize of the Collegiate Division 1 category in this year’s Metallica Marching Band Competition, but they were also voted as the fan favorite.

Their impressive show filled Jordan-Hare Stadium with hundreds of glowing band hats and batons, and the lighting system (developed by Auburn’s engineering students!) was on full display.

As the band formed visually stunning displays and delivered a flawless performance, the crowd went wild, joining in with lights of their own. Comments on social media attest to the electric energy of the unforgettable display of talent.

Congratulations to the Auburn University Marching Band on this exciting start to 2024!

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Sarah Gronberg
Sarah Gronberg
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