Avocado lovers—5 unique dishes to try in Alabama (beyond toast)

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We’re going beyond the savory stuff. (Sam & Greg’s / Facebook)

While I personally think avocados are worth celebrating every day, they’re especially worth celebrating on July 31—National Avocado Day! In honor of social media’s favorite fruit, we’ve rounded up five unique avocado dishes throughout the state.

We love a good avocado toast and guacamole, but these dishes get a bit more creative. Let’s dig in.

1. Avocado Citrus Gelato at Sam & Greg’s—Huntsville

Sam & Greg’s in North Alabama has to-die-for pizza, but their rotating gelato flavors are the biggest reason I visit. Their citrus avocado gelato definitely deserves its spot on our list—and it’s perfect for summertime.

2. Avocado Fries at Ohana Poké—Mobile

Move over zucchini fries—Ohana Poke in Mobile has created some of the best non-potato fries around. These thin-sliced avocados are tempura-battered and fried, then served with spicy mayo for extra flavor.

3. Baked Avocado at FIVE Bar—Tuscaloosa

Baked Avocado Five Bar
FIVE Bar’s baked avocado is the perfect combo of creamy and crispy. (FIVE Tuscaloosa / Facebook)

If you like fresh avocado, wait until you try it baked. FIVE Bar takes it one step (or three) further, stuffing the avocado with bacon and shrimp and topping it with spicy mayo. Try it at their other locations in Birmingham and Mobile, too.

4. Avocado Sunrise at Sushi Cafe—Montgomery

Want a whole avocado all to yourself? Head to Montgomery’s Sushi Cafe where you can get it loaded with spicy tuna, scallions, sesame seeds and a spicy sauce.

5. Avocado Dream at Coffee Mafia—Auburn

I bet you’ve eaten both avocados and pimento cheese. But have you had them together? I bet not. At Auburn’s Coffee Mafia, you can try the unique combo on an everything bagel (the best sandwich bread, in my opinion).

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