Over 64 baby sea turtles hatched in Orange Beach—how you can help protect them

Orange Beach
Sea turtle nesting season is from May 1 to October 31. (Brent Williams / Wolf Bay Media)

Visitors of Orange Beach got to experience a rare moment this week when a sea turtle nest nest hatched leading to baby sea turtles wandering around the beach and in the dunes. Continue reading for more on this sweet story!

A sweet surprise

After the nest was found, beach goers and team members rounded the babies up and helped them all to the water. Brent & Madge Williams found one at on its own 6AM the next day and helped it to the water. One baby sea turtle emerged from its nest in the heat of the afternoon sun, hours after all of the others, bringing the count up to 64.

Protecting our sea turtles

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(Alabama Coastal Foundation)

The Alabama Coastal Foundation works hard to improve and protect Alabama’s coast, largely through educating the community on how they can help.

“This was just one of 59 sea turtle nests found on Alabama’s beaches this nesting season, which runs from May through October. We have about 500 volunteers, that starting May 1, walk our beaches from the Florida line all the way to the end of Dauphin Island. The nests are marked and have a sign with a number to call if you see hatching activity.”

Mark Berte, Executive Director, Alabama Coastal Foundation

Orange Beach goers—if you see hatching activity on the beaches, call the sea turtle hotline: 1.866.732.8878

Support the Alabama Coastal Foundation

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Learn how you can help these babies…(Alabama Coastal Foundation / Facebook)

There are so many ways to get involved with protecting our coast, from near or far.

There are many ways for folks to support us and it’s all through our website. One way is through our sea turtle-friendly flashlights that you can purchase ahead of your trip down to our beaches. Another one of my favorite ways is through purchasing one of our license plates.

Mark Berte, Executive Director, Alabama Coastal Foundation

Want to support the Alabama Coastal Foundation? Sign up for a license plate by the end of this month, July 31!

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