Beating cancer inspired Guntersville’s Masdon Lane—get the scoop now

Masdon Lane
Rebecca at a pop-up shop in Huntsville. Photo via Masdon Lane

Guntersville’s Rebecca Masdon opened her online boutique, Masdon Lane, after beating cancer. Now, she uses Masdon Lane to give back to others in the same battle against cancer. Keep reading for her story.

A diagnosis that changed everything

Masdon Lane
The diagnosis that changed everything. Photo via Masdon Lane

In March 2020, Rebecca Masdon received a diagnosis that changed her life.


When the diagnosis came, it was a shock for Rebecca, her family and her friends. The main focus was survival, until Rebecca went into remission. Then, she wanted to do something she was passionate about. After winning her fight against cancer, she was ready to make her dreams come true.

Masdon Lane was created

Masdon Lane
Rebecca is a fashionista. Photo via Masdon Lane

What does Rebecca Masdon love most? Clothes.

She had loved working for other stores and being involved with retail. She had experience personal shopping, outfitting and even setting up pop-up shops.

After talking with friends and family, Rebecca realized she was already known for shopping and her sense of style. She had the support she needed to take off with a business of her own.

In November 2020, Masdon Lane was born.

“The idea for Masdon Lane’s name came from me. It’s all me. Lane refers to the lane in my brain and this is a glimpse as to what’s going on inside it.”

—Rebecca Masdon, CEO, Masdon Lane

Now, she even has a hand in the designs you’ll find at Masdon Lane. Check out the boutique’s fitness wear, it is all Rebecca. Isn’t that incredible?

Giving back to those still fighting

Masdon Lane
Rebecca celebrating her last treatment. Photo via Masdon Lane

Rebecca hasn’t forgotten the fight that pushed her to open Masdon Lane. Her mission is to use Masdon Lane as a platform for ministry and breast cancer research.

Rebecca and Masdon Lane give back to those in the same battle against cancer. A percentage of all sales go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In addition to monetary donations, Rebecca makes donations in goods. Every year, she is involved in offering fun makeovers and outfitting patients.

“After beating cancer, I feel invincible. I can accomplish anything. I want for women and girls everywhere to know that they can do. Sometimes we just need a push.”

—Rebecca Masdon, CEO, Masdon Lane

For Rebecca, beating cancer was that push.

Rebecca’s message

Masdon Lane
Let’s shop Masdon Lane! Photo via Masdon Lane

Fashion is fearless. That’s what Rebecca is and wants her shoppers to be.

Masdon Lane is about inspiring little girls and women alike.

“I believe in pushing through hard times and becoming your own advocate. You have to fight for your own ideas and beliefs.”

—Rebecca Masdon, CEO, Masdon Lane

When asked what Masdon Lane is, Rebecca said:

“Fun. Magical. Sparkly. Girly things. That’s what Masdon Lane is.”

Shop Masdon Lane

Masdon Lane
Here is Rebecca at market. Photo via Masdon Lane

You can shop Masdon Lane online. Rebecca also sets up pop-up shops, so keep an eye out for upcoming pop-ups.

I got to meet Rebecca at a Huntsville pop-up and loved shopping around. After hearing her story, I knew I would continue to shop at this boutique.

Masdon Lane didn’t stop at only selling clothing. It has become a lifestyle brand, no matter which part of life you’re in.

Shop for yourself:

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