Betting with barbecue—two mayors wagering on Texas at Alabama game

Alabama Football Texas At Alabama
The Crimson Tide came out strong. Will they keep it up in the Texas game? (Sarah Gronberg / The Bama Buzz)

If you’re a Crimson Tide fan (or even if you just know one), you know that it’s a big week. The University of Texas will be playing the University of Alabama in a highly anticipated matchup, and Austin and Tuscaloosa mayors are getting in on the action.

The Texas at Alabama bet—with barbecue

Barbecue Taste Test
What better way to place bets on the Alabama-Texas football game than with barbecue? (The Bama Buzz)

On September 9, Texas is coming to Bryant-Denny stadium, and it’s a pretty big deal (more on that later, though).

Walt Maddox, mayor of the City of Tuscaloosa, and Kirk Watson, mayor of the City of Austin, are having a matchup of their own.

Here’s the wager:

  • If Alabama wins: Mayor Watson will send Mayor Maddox and the City team Micklethwait Craft Meats barbecue
  • If Texas wins: Mayor Maddox will send Mayor Watson Dreamland BBQ

Both mayors are confident that they’ll be receiving barbecue after the game.

“I have full confidence that Alabama will prevail once again in the electric atmosphere of Bryant-Denny Stadium, and look forward to a taste of Central Texas BBQ. Best of luck to Mayor Watson, and Roll Tide!”

Walt Maddox, Mayor, City of Tuscaloosa

Mayor Watson’s thoughts go beyond barbecue:

“Texas is fired up and ready for a rematch.

I look forward to trying some of Tuscaloosa’s best BBQ after we beat Alabama. All that said, this will be a good game between two iconic college football programs in what’s likely an early chapter in a budding rivalry.”

Kirk Watson, Mayor, City of Austin

Why the Texas at Alabama game is such a big deal

Alabama Football
Bryant-Denny Stadium is going to be electric for the Texas at Alabama game. (Sarah Gronberg / The Bama Buzz)

But why all the buzz for the Texas at Alabama game? For starters, last year’s game was one that put fans on the edge of their seats. Alabama came out on top, but just by one point. Unranked Texas found a place in the top 25 afterwards, even after the defeat.

So, Texas is looking for revenge this year.

A little background on Texas and Alabama’s history will help you see the whole picture.

  • Alabama and Texas have only met on the gridiron 10 times.
  • Texas has won 7 of the ten games, Alabama has won 2 and there was one 3-3 tie in 1960.
  • This is the first time that Alabama and Texas have gone head-to-head two years in a row.
  • Texas has only been to Tuscaloosa once—way back in 1902 when they beat the Crimson Tide 10-0 (touchdowns were 5 points back then). Over 120 years later, they’re finally back.

All that to say, Texas isn’t used to getting defeated by Alabama—and last year’s 20-19 loss is fresh on their minds.

Not to mention, the teams are currently both ranked highly, Alabama at #3 and Texas at #11, bringing ESPN College GameDay to Tuscaloosa. It’s going to be a big day in T-Town, and we’ll have to wait and see which way the barbecue goes.

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