Box Owt coming soon to Mobile—here’s what you need to know

Box Owt, Mobile
Box Owt just recently broke ground on December 20th, 2021. Photo via Box Owt’s Instagram

New business alert! Box Owt will be Mobile’s first unique, outdoor food court. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

What is Box Owt?

Box Owt, Mobile
Concept art for Box Owt at the construction site. Photo via Clorissa Morgan for The Bama Buzz

Box Owt will serve as Mobile’s first outdoor food court with multiple delicious food options and a beautiful atmosphere.

“Smac” Walker, one of the owners and men who came up with the concept, recently told Fox10 News that we can expect six different kitchen areas, all serving up some top-notch cuisine. Box out will give food truckers and small restaurants alike the opportunity for a permanent location in the heart of Downtown Mobile.

You may be thinking, what’s so special about a Box Owt? Napoleon Bracy, owner and concept developer alongside Walker, explains that because the vendors will be a mix of high-quality food trucks and restaurants all in one area, it will be the perfect dining destination for those who are always indecisive about where to eat.

“I have three daughters… At night, when we’re trying to figure out what we gotta eat, one may want tacos, one may want Chinese and one barbeque. So it’s kinda like, where do we go? Everybody kinda has to sacrifce for one. But guess what? In a situation like this we could all just go to Box Owt and have everybody get what they want”

Napoleon Bracy on Fox10 News

In addition, the six different vendors, who have not yet been announced, will have their kitchens set up within SIP containers that are reminiscent of large shipping containers to create an interesting and unique atmosphere for guests.


Box Owt, Mobile
Signage at the construction site of Box Owt. Photo via Clorissa Morgan for The Bama Buzz

As mentioned before, the official lineup for participating restaurants and food trucks have not been shared. However, you can be sure that you will find a plethora of mouth-watering, affordable options that are normally not available on Dauphin Street.

Bracy explains that Box Owt is the perfect opportunity for small businesses to grow.

“Box Owt is kinda like an incubator for small businesses that want and deserve a spot on Dauphin Street that traditionally wouldn’t have [that] opportunity… Now, we’ve created an atmosphere where they can join in with us and they can serve their dishes right there on Dauphin Street.

Napoleon Bracy on Fox10 News

Interested in being a vendor at this prime location? Luckily for you, the owners of Box Owt are accepting applications.

When can I try Box Owt?

Box Owt, Mobile
Within just a few months, this location will be transformed into the ultimate dinner stop. Photo via Clorissa Morgan for The Bama Buzz

Can’t wait until you get to try Box Owt? Neither can we!

The company will have a soft launch in mid-February as a sneak peek of what’s to come. Plan to go to a Mardi Gras parade? Then you have your first opportunity to taste Box Owt while you’re there.

Once the Mardi Gras celebrations conclude, Box Owt will close until its first official opening in late April or Early May of 2022.

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