BREAKING: River District Park to be the outdoor space of the Saban Center

Saban Center
New photo renderings of the River District Park. Photo via of the City of Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, we have some exciting news for you. Tuscaloosa City Council’s public projects committee unanimously voted in favor of a contract to build River District Park. This park will be the outdoor component of the Saban Center in the heart of Tuscaloosa. Read on for the scoop.

The Saban Center—an innovative community partnership in Tuscaloosa

Before we get into the weeds of River District Park’s building contract, let’s give you some background on the Saban Center.

In the winter of 2019, Nick and Terry Saban along with the city of Tuscaloosa announced plans for the Saban Center. This project brings dynamic STEM, theater and literature programs to children and families in Tuscaloosa. Can I get a Roll Tide?

The City of Tuscaloosa and the Saban family partnered with various community partners for this dream to become a reality. These partners include:

  • Tuscaloosa Public Library
  • Children’s Hands-On Museum
  • Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre

The Saban Center will soon replace The Tuscaloosa News building. The 100,000 square foot center is going to house a branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library along with headquarters for the Children’s Hands-On Museum and Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre.

We can’t wait to see the positive impact of this interactive learning center on the Tuscaloosa community.

River District Park: an outdoor oasis

Saban Center
The Saban Center’s outdoor recreational park. Photo via of the City of Tuscaloosa

But wait, there’s more! River District Park, the center’s outdoor recreational park, will be located adjacent to the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.

The City Council’s public projects committee came together on Tuesday evening and advanced the building contract for the park. This $7.4 million building contract isn’t fully set in stone yet—it needs one more important vote. The full City Council will vote next week. Don’t fret though, an official “yes” is on the horizon, Tuscaloosa.

River District Park isn’t your run-of-the-mill park, it will be fully decked out with:

  • Copious amounts of lawn space for play and picnics
  • A breezy river-viewing area
  • A spectacular outdoor event space for STEM and arts programming + more
  • Easy walking and biking access to the Tuscaloosa River Market, Manderson Landing and other riverfront parks

After final approval, the park should be completed in eight months.

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