Brewbaker Motors, family-owned car dealership for 84 years in Montgomery, sold to Sons Auto Group

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Brewbaker Motors—a family owned car dealership that has been serving Montgomery since 1939—has been sold to Sons Auto Group.

Sons Auto Has a Really Good Reputation

“We’ve never been more profitable—2022 was the best year we’ve ever had,” former owner Dick Brewbaker told The Bama Buzz. “If you’re gonna sell, you should sell while it is worth something. That’s what we did. We got an offer from a good group of guys—Sons Automotive in Atlanta. They have a really good reputation. And they literally made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Sons Auto owns and operates 15 dealerships across Georgia and Tennessee, as well as Auburn, Alabama. 

According to Brewbaker, his father started the dealership 84 years ago selling Buick, Ajax and Nash cars. When he sold the dealership to Sons, the Eastern Boulevard mainstay was selling Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Kia brands.

No Jobs Lost

One other reason Brewbaker likes Sons Auto is the fact they agreed to keep all the 96 employees that worked at his dealership.

“The main thing I like about them (Sons) is they agreed to keep all my employees so nobody lost their job. All 96 people that were working for me yesterday are working for them today.

I wanted to make sure that all my employees got taken care of. Sons has done that, so I was very glad to see them get it.”

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