Brookwood Baptist Health Cardiologist from Poland launches initiative to get medical supplies to Ukraine

Medical Supplies To Ukraine
Dr. Jan Skowronski, M.D. is on the right most side. (Fortuna Clinical Foundation)

On March 14, 2022, Polish Brookwood Baptist Health cardiologist, Dr. Jan Skowronski, M.D., launched an initiative to aid medical institutions and fleeing mothers and children in Ukraine. Keep reading to find out how you can help from right here in Alabama.

Fortuna Clinical Foundation

“All of my ancestors lived in the area of today’s Ukraine, we cannot sit idly by.”

Jan Skowronski, cardiologist, Cardiovascular Associates

Born in Poland and currently working in Brookwood Baptist, Dr. Jan Skowronski, M.D., helped establish Fortuna Clinical Foundation, which will support a medical institution and a refugee center in Ukraine. Dr. Skowronski, M.D. hopes that this platform will galvanize Alabamians to support the Ukrainians in their fight for peace.

Getting medical supplies out

What does the foundation do? Fortuna offers educational projects so clinical knowledge can spread information widely to areas in need. They do this by directly providing medical supplies for the wounded, most of whom are mothers and children.

The foundation will be aiding two institutions—learn more about them:

  • Ivano-Frankivsk—A hospital that treats those wounded from the war and provides rehabilitation services.
  • Yazlovets in Southern Ukraine—This church has been convereted into a center for mothers and children. The nuns who run the Abbey have been facing an increasing demand for housing and care for the refugees.

How to help

Ukrainians need our aid and Dr. Jan Skowronski, M.D. has provided Alabama with an opportunity to lend a helping hand. Your support will help direct the acquisition and delivery of medical supplies to Ukrainians.

Learn more about how Alabama’s taking action:

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