‘Cat Ladies of Wetumpka’ featured on A&E’s “My Strange Arrest”

The Wetumpka “cat ladies” have caused quite a stir. (Bham Now)

On Wednesday, July 26 at 10PM, A&E will air an episode of “My Strange Arrest” featuring two Wetumpka women—and they have a strange story to tell indeed. Keep reading to find out why Mary Alston and Beverly Roberts are making an appearance on national television.

The ‘cat ladies’ tell their story on national television

In December of 2022, two women from Wetumpka, Alabama—Mary Alston, 60 at the time, and Beverly Roberts, 84 at the time—made national headlines. They were found guilty of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct after feeding, capturing and fixing local stray cats.

Now, they get to tell their story on national television. According to the Montgomery Advertiser, the pursuit of criminal charges against the women were dropped, but only after a five-hour trial and an appeal from the women. The arrests are still attached to Alston and Roberts’ records, and they’re currently trying to fix that.

But don’t take our word for this strange story—hear it directly from the “Wetumpka Cat Ladies” themselves. Catch the episode on A&E on July 26, or stream it afterwards.

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