The Chandler Mountain project comes to an end—details here

Chandler Mountain
Beautiful Chandler Mountain. (Paula Johnson)

Alabama Power announced last week that they will not be moving forward with their proposal to operate a pumped storage hydro facility at Chandler Mountain. Keep reading for details.

The Chandler Mountain Project has ended

Alabama Power announced the news in an announcement last week, ending a project that received complaints from residents of the area as well as local environmental groups.

“Our guiding purpose is to provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable power to the 1.5 million people and businesses that depend on us. As we look to the future, we recognize that alternative resources as well as energy storage options will be key in meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers.”

Alabama Power

According to the release, they will continue to explore available technologies while striving to better the state in ways that align with needs and expectations of their customers.

About the project

The pumped storage hydroelectric generating facility would have been located on Little Canoe Creek East, near the town of Steele, Alabama. A portion of Little Canoe Creek East would’ve been impounded by the proposed Chandler Mountain Project.

The proposal included two reservoirs that would generate electricity, 1,600 megawatts to be exact, and involved the construction of new water storage, water conveyance and generation facilities at locations where those facilities do not exist at this time.

Environmental groups and locals to the area were very happy to hear this news and will continue to protect their waterways.

“We are thrilled that this vital part of the Coosa River watershed and the folks that love the area will be spared from this project. The Coosa River is a resource that provides life to so many communities and critters, and we are honored to be a part of a coalition that works to protect both the Coosa and Alabamians.

The Coosa River has been a sacrifice zone for far too long, so we will continue to stand up for what is right for our waterways and our people.”

Justinn Overton, Executive Director & Staff Riverkeeper, Coosa Riverkeeper

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