City of Montgomery pairs with Ed Farm and Apple to create MGM Codes initiative

Alabama State Capitol
Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham now

As back-to-school season is in full swing, we’re highlighting an exciting initiative that’s sure to create ample opportunities for local Montgomery Public School students. Here’s all you need to know about our capital’s MGM codes.

What is MGM Codes?

Students Introduced To Mgm Codes
Students introduced to MGM Codes. Photo via Montgomery Public Schools Twitter

The City of Montgomery, Montgomery Public Schools, Ed Farm, and Apple partnered up to create this technology initiative. MGM Codes allows increased access to technology for students and teachers alike. This summer, students at Montgomery Public School middle schools had the chance to enroll in a 3 to 6 week camp that introduced them to coding and STEM activities. Through MGM Codes, the schools are provided with devices from Apple paired with Ed Farm programs. Together this teaches students all things coding, such as coding a robot to get through a maze they designed. For the current school year, MGM Codes allows students to enroll in an 8 to 16 week Code Club or a Student Fellows program. Learn more about 2021 MGM Coding dates here.

The role of Ed Farm and Apple

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ed Farm programs improve learning outcomes by providing technology and curriculum to local schools. Ed Farm promotes innovation in education through their student and teacher fellows programs and coding clubs. Student fellows are given a challenge to solve that they will present a solution to the community at the end of the year, while teacher fellows are provided with resources and curriculum to integrate coding into their classrooms. Code Clubs include weekly and bi-weekly coding workshops for students. These programs paired with Apple’s Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curricula will introduce these students and teachers to the world of coding.

What does this mean for our state?

Mayor Steven L. Reed Press
Mayor Steven L. Reed press conference. Photo via Alabama News Network

Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed describes MGM Codes as a “transformative moment for Montgomery Public Schools,” and “a catalyst that expands opportunity for Montgomery’s middle school students through the introduction of advanced technology.” This launch will not only create future opportunities for these students, but also help them gain insight into computer programming. Introducing our students to coding at a young age is sure to be an amazing step for our education system.

As the need for coding and computer science skills grows, we applaud Montgomery Public Schools and the city for taking these steps to ensure a great future for students and teachers. Let’s get to coding!

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