NEW: Alabamians can receive access to affordable insulin under $30 a vial in the future—here’s how


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Exciting news. (Jacob Blankenship / The Bama Buzz)

Did you know the price of insulin has been increasing over time? To help combat this, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is joining an initiative from Civica to manufacture and distribute affordable insulins that are available for $30 or less. Keep reading to learn about the partnership.

Healthier People Are Happier People - Bluecross Blueshield Of Alabama

Making healthcare affordable + accessible for all

Blue Cross Blue Shield
(Jacob Blankenship / The Bama Buzz)

More than eight million Americans rely on insulin, but due to its costs, a percentage of insulin users report having to skip doses or take less than prescribed. I don’t have to tell you how important it is for people to have access to affordable medicines—that’s why this partnership will be a game-changer.

Nonprofit generic drug manufacturer Civica has announced an initiative to manufacture and distribute three analog insulins that will be available in vials and prefilled pens at no more than $30 per vial or $55 for a box of five pens.

“Access to affordable insulin can be the difference between life and death for diabetics—and we’re proud to be a part of Civica’s effort to ensure that millions of Americans have access to the medicine they need at a price they can afford. When we come together, we can make healthcare more affordable.”

Kim Keck, president + CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

The three analog isulins will be biosimilar drugs of brand-name insulins Lantus, Humalog and Novolog, meaning they’re very close in structure and function to biologic medicine. The medications are expected to be available to all consumers for purchase in the future—a major win!

“Diabetes is arguably America’s most expensive chronic condition, and it is heartbreaking that millions of people are rationing their care and putting their lives at risk because they can no longer afford insulin. Through mission-driven partnerships, we are choosing to create a new market reality where no one is forced to ration essential diabetes medication.”

Dan Lijenquist, board chair, Civica

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is committed to keeping Alabama healthy, so partnering with Civica to increase access to safe and affordable medications just makes sense.

Healthier People Are Happier People - Bluecross Blueshield Of Alabama

All about Civica + how it’s changing healthcare

This insulin initiative isn’t the only way that Blue Cross is working with Civica to increase access. Blue Cross, other Blue Cross companies and Civica Rx have founded CivicaScript, a newly-named initiative to serve patients in retail markets.

“Partnering with other Blue Plans to support Civica’s efforts is a major move forward in addressing health inequities not only in Alabama, but nationwide.”

Dr. Dow Briggs, executive vice president, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

To learn more about how Blue Cross prioritizes health and affordable access to Alabamians, check out their website today.

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