Construction update: $50M Montgomery Whitewater Project is bringing outdoor adventure to Alabama’s capital city

Montgomery Whitewater Project
We can’t wait to see this project roar to life. (Jesco Construction / Instagram)

Ready to be rafting through Montgomery? Progress is being made on The Montgomery Whitewater Project—a revolutionary whitewater rafting experience that includes adventure attractions and good, old-fashioned family fun. Let’s take a dive and estimate when we can get to paddlin’ away, shall we?

Progress made

Montgomery Whitewater Project
A bird’s eye view of the project. (S2O Design and Engineering / Facebook)

Because this is such a large project (120 acres to be exact), many construction and development companies have had their hands in the details. Two that have shared updates about the project are S20 Design and Engineering, a nationwide company focused on whitewater development, and Jesco Construction, the Montgomery-based construction company.

While this is an Olympic-standard, pump-powered whitewater rafting facility, it’s not only for the pros. The Montgomery Whitewater Rafting Project will feature two tracks for both whitewater rafting pros and beginners—something for everyone.

According from a Facebook post from S2O on March 8, 2022, they mentioned the following

“We are making significant progress on the largest whitewater construction project in the country – Montgomery Whitewater in Montgomery, AL. The foundation is in for the pump station, the heart of the dual whitewater courses, and for much of the large bottom pond. We’ve poured a few yards of concrete! Next we’ll begin building the competition and recreation channels.”

-S2O Design and Engineering, Facebook

Safe to say, we can expect this project to be completed by May of 2023—just before the summer season.

The completed vision

Montgomery Whitewater Project
The upcoming $50M Montgomery Whitewater Project. (Montgomery Whitewater Project)

If you’re not so much into rafting, no worries. The Montgomery Whitewater Rafting Project will also include other activities such as:

  • Zip-lining
  • An adjustable play wave
  • Ropes Courses
  • Rock Climbing

If you’re craving adventure in the Alabama’s Capital City , this is the place for you. While this seems like a weekend destination, it doesn’t have to be. With new trails, day camps and areas for a little rest and relaxation, it’ll also be the spot to enjoy some fun on weekdays.

Interested in the completion of the project? Visit their website to get all of the details.

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