Date night 3 ways on the Gulf Coast

Couple Dining Out
Let’s do date night right! Follow along for 3 ideas to have a great night in Mobile with your honey. Photo via Wiktor Karkoch for

Happy Friday, Alabama! Speaking of Fridays, do you have some plans this weekend with your special someone? Would you like some help with those plans? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s three different ways to enjoy a date night in Mobile with your special someone.

The Matinée Date: Museums, Coffee Shops, etc!

So, we know all date nights won’t truly be a “night”. Sometimes, it’s more of a date afternoon or a date early-evening. If you’re not exactly the late-night-out type, let’s try this “Matinée Date”, where all of your options are more day-time oriented.

Picnic in the Park

Cathedral Square, Mobile, Al
Cathedral Square, downtown Mobile. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

Mobile has so many gorgeous parks that it can honestly be hard to pick the perfect one for your picnic. For this date, though, we’re going to recommend you check out Cathedral Square downtown. Why? Well, it’s kind of in the middle of the downtown hub-bub, meaning you can always find something to do–even if it’s just people watching! It also puts you in a great spot to walk to any of downtown Mobile’s awesome museums, so you get a nice and easy transition to your next activity.

As far as food for your picnic, here are 3 places we recommend downtown. Just order to-go!

  1. FOY Superfoods: Ever wondered why fast food is just so unhealthy? FOY is your answer! They’ve got super food bowls, smoothies, tacos, wraps, and more all served in fast-food’s record-breaking time.
  2. Roosters: A great option for those who love Latin-American food. They’ve got tacos, burritos, margaritas, and more.
  3. Mediterranean Sandwich Co.: If you’re of the mind that picnics are only picnics with a sandwich (which, hey, we don’t blame you!), check out Mediterranean Sandwich Co. for all your favorites, and a few new favorites, all with a Mediterranean twist.

Check out a museum

In a city this historic, a museum is a must-see! Since you’ll be in the downtown-Dauphin area, why not check out one of these museums that cover a wide variety of topics, perfect for any date’s interests. Plus, these museums are within walking distance of your picnic.

  1. History Museum of Mobile: Chock-full of and history and, quite literally, hundreds of thousands of artifacts, the History Museum of Mobile is the perfect place to immerse yourself in all sorts of history. From the archaic era to now, if you want to know about it, they’ve got information!
  2. Mobile Carnival Museum: Mobile is the first home of Mardi Gras. Learn all about Mardi Gras and how its shaped the history of Mobile at the Carnival Museum.
  3. GulfQuest: If you often find yourself staring out at the Mobile Bay and wondering how that ecosystem thrives, you need to visit GulfQuest! They’ve got information about every facet of the Gulf of Mexico, check it out.

The Classic: Dinner & a Movie

It’s tried and true, it’s a classic, it’s dinner and movie! There’s a reason this is a classic too. The design is so simple yet so genius: chatting about a movie is an easy way to get to know that special someone. It’s a win-win! Let’s see how you can have a perfect and classic date in downtown Mobile.


Dauphin'S Dining Room
Dauphin’s dining room. Photo via

Honestly, if you’re looking for a nice dinner downtown, it’s got to be Dauphin’s. It’s got a stunning view, delicious food, and a high-class atmosphere. They’ve got all your favorite coastal dishes, some with a Hawaiian or Cajun flair. And, I know we’ve already mentioned it, but that view really is something.


Crescent Theater
Crescent Theater downtown. Photo via Crescent Theater Website.

Mobile has its very own independent theater, called the Crescent Theater. Who doesn’t love a small, independent, art-house theater? They usually play one movie at the time, so check out their website for booking information.

The Night Owl: Drinks, Dancing, and Nightlife

One of the really special things about Mobile is all the fabulous nightlife. If you want to take your honey out on the town, check out these ideas for drinks & dancing. As a bonus, all of these bars are within walking distance for an easy night on the town!

  • Las Floriditas: Mobile’s very own speakeasy, all the way to needing a password for entry (hint: check their Instagram). It’s a Cuban-inspired joint, named after the birthplace of daiquiris. They’ve even got some small bites along with their selection of drinks.
  • Alchemy Bar & Tavern: This is my personal favorite bar downtown. They’ve got a few different barrooms, pool tables, and live music; everything you could ever ask for!
  • Dauphin Street Blues Company: Looking for the Gulf Coast daiquiri done right? Look no further than Dauphin Street Blues Co (DBC). It’s actually a part of a continuous line of 3 bars, O’Daly’s Irish Pub, DBC, and Draft Picks Taproom, that all run together, taking up a whole city block to offer you the best experience for your night.

So, there you have it, Mobile! Date night in downtown, done 3 different ways. Be sure to let us know if you try any of these out, we know we will!

What’s your favorite downtown Mobile date night spot? Tag us @thebamabuzz and let us know!

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