Downtown Florence welcomes crafty new art studio, Stella and Goose + 3 reasons to visit

Owners In Front Of Store Sign Outside
The owners of Stella and Goose celebrating their new store. Photo via Stella and Goose

A new art studio and gallery just opened in Downtown Florence, and we can barely contain our excitement! Stella and Goose celebrated their grand opening on October 14, and we stopped by to chat with the owners, Lisa Wallace and Rebecca Hudson. Here’s what we discovered.

Meet the owners of Stella and Goose

Stella And Goose Owners
Owners, Lisa Wallace and Rebecca Hudson, on grand opening day at the store. Photo via Daeja Coleman for The Bama Buzz

Lisa Wallace and Rebecca Hudson both share a common love—art. Both having worked as art teachers at a local elementary school in Florence, the duo made fast friends and decided to start their own art studio and gallery.

“We wanted to open a space to celebrate local and regional artists and teach art as well as teach art to the community.”

Lisa Wallace, Owner, Stella and Goose

So they did just that. Named after the friends dogs, the shop showcases a range of artwork from paintings and ceramics to jewelry.

What’s especially cool is that Lisa and Rebecca also feature artwork they create themselves. Lisa is a talented painter whose medium is acrylic and oils and Rebecca creates bowls, plates and other ceramic pieces with hand-pressed plants and flowers from her garden.

3 reasons you should visit Stella and Goose

1. You can purchase trendy, abstract art

Pretty Paintings At Stella And Goose
Which art piece is your fave?! Photo via Daeja Coleman for The Bama Buzz

Stella and Goose has some of the coolest art pieces around Florence. From handcrafted ceramics to acrylic and oil paintings, each piece of art has a style of its own. Regardless of what you like, you’re sure to find that perfect piece of abstract art to take home with you.

2. There are art classes for everyone

Art At Stella And Goose
We’d LOVE to take every piece of art home with us. Photo via Daeja Coleman for The Bama Buzz

Whether you’re a professional painter or someone who enjoys creating art in their leisure time, you’re bound to find an art class at Stella and Goose enjoyable.

They offer classes for children and adults as well as special events for those looking to celebrate in an artful way.

If you’re interested in taking a class, be sure to stop by the shop for more info and to sign up.

3. You’ll be supporting a newly-established small business

Stella And Goose Store
What’s a better duo than coffee and cookies? Photo via Daeja Coleman for The Bama Buzz

If you’ve visited Florence before, you know it’s a unique and artsy place—perfect for Stella and Goose.

By shopping small, you’ll be supporting the business directly, as well as local artists who have shared their custom handcrafted pieces with the store.

What would you say is favorite art style? Let us know @thebamabuzz.

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