Downtown Mobile’s Heroes Sports Bar & Grille is getting a new patio expansion—what you need to know

Heroes Sports Bar &Amp; Grille, Downtown Mobile, Outdoor Dining
The patio has been under construction since the middle of March 2022. (Heroes Sports Bar & Grille)

Since the pandemic, outdoor dining has been in high demand. Right on time for warmer weather, keep reading to learn about how downtown Mobile’s Heroes Sports Bar & Grille is making outdoor seating more accessible.

Why the renovation?

In 2004, Heroes Sports Bar & Grille first opened a patio area thanks to former Mayor Mike Dowe’s administration’s study, Project for Public Spaces. The study found that to turn downtown Mobile into a place that citizens and visitors alike wanted to be, serious change had to happen.

“Imagine a working waterfront that also has an active promenade, a marina and destinations that draw people to it. And instead of being lined with drive-in banks and parking lots, Water Street is a boulevard with wide sidewalks for strolling, restaurants and shops, easy street crossings for pedestrians and gateways at both ends that announce the arrival to the city.”

City of Mobile, Public Space Action Plan

This meant not only increasing the number local businesses downtown, but helping them grow to be pedestrian friendly, welcoming and safe.

Clearly, the Dowe administration’s dream has become a reality. Downtown Mobile is a hub of activity and a huge destination for food, drinks, shopping and anything in between.

So why is this expansion happening now? The owners at Heroes explain the pandemic has played a major role and created a great opportunity amid the chaos.

“To say that the global pandemic brought renewed interest in outdoor dining would be an understatement. We like to think we’re helping to raise the bar for outdoor dining in Downtown, and there’s more to come! The big picture goal is to accomodate the need for outdoor seating in a way that is safe, visually appealing and without any negative impact on pedestrian foot traffic.

Heroes (Downtown) Sports Bar & Grille, Facebook

What to expect

Heroes Sports Bar &Amp; Grille, Downtown Mobile, Outdoor Dining
The new patio expansion is going to be bigger and better than the previous patio at Heroes! (Heroes Sports Bar & Grille)

The new patio comes with plenty of upgrades. Patrons can expect an awning, beautiful lighting, ceiling fans and brand new outdoor furniture.

Progress on the deck has been occurring in small stages each week. The final stage, installing the new outdoor furniture, will be complete sometime in May. However, the owners at Heroes explain that the deck will be in use before then, with a few tables and chairs available outside while they wait on the new furniture.

Heroes Sports Bar & Grille is still operating as the deck progresses. Catch a bite to eat and check out the new deck for yourself!

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