Famous Alabama home chef gains millions of followers—why you should be one of them

Alabama Home Chef
Join the Alabama Chef that is taking the internet by storm with her delicious recipes. Photo via Brenda Gantt’s Facebook

Brenda Gantt is a 75-year-old Alabama home chef from Andalusia. The difference between her and every other home cook? Well, she’s amassed a cool 2.7 million followers with her cooking videos on how to prepare classic Southern recipes. Find out how, and why you should join the trend and start following her too.

Who is Brenda Gantt?

Brenda Gantt
Meet the classy, hilarious Alabama home chef behind the viral videos. Photo via Brenda Gantt’s Facebook

Meet the Andalusia resident who is taking the internet by storm with her cooking videos. If you ever wanted a Southern chef to teach you how to cook all the classics from fresh biscuits and gravy to oatmeal cookies, here’s your chance.

Brenda’s passion for life, her family and good Southern food, is evident in every video, and will make you want to ditch the take-out and start cooking up a storm.

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How’d she become famous?

Alabama Home Chef
Brenda with her famous buttermilk biscuits. Photo via Brenda Gantt’s Facebook

It all started with her viral buttermilk biscuit-making video, and since then her following has only grown. Her Facebook videos consist of all kinds of recipes, from appetizers to bring to your next event to the best cookies for the holidays.

She focuses on the bare basics of cooking, often never measuring anything besides ingredients for baked goods. Her food embodies what makes Southern cooking so good, with simple, straightforward dishes that bring big flavors 100 percent of the time.

Besides learning her killer cooking skills, that are sure to make you a home chef worthy of praise, Brenda Gantt’s cute aesthetic will keep you coming back to watch her time and time again.

All her videos have special quirks that define who she. Keep an eye out for her impressive apron collection, each one holding a story she’s sure to share.

The warmth and quality of these videos are sure to bring a smile to your face and delicious dishes to your table as you cook along with Brenda in her adorable Alabama home.

Why you should follow her

Alabama Home Chef
Brenda’s tomato pie has me drooling across the screen. Photo via Brenda Gantt’s Facebook

If you’re a fan of Food Network’s morning cooking shows, it’s probably time to follow Brenda Gantt. Her videos are more entertainment than pure step-by-step process, with her hilarious personality at the forefront. She shares personal stories, great cooking tips and her faith as she goes through how to make delectable dishes.

Some of her videos are as short as five minutes, with a quick demonstration on how to prepare a side dish, while others are almost half an hour. The longer videos are some of my favorites, since she tells funny family stories and even brings on special guests to cook and chat with her.

So, if you want to feel like you’re cooking with mom in the kitchen while becoming an expert home chef, Brenda Gantt is a must-follow.

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