The first YouTube Small Business Day highlights Moulton, AL biz—here’s why it matters

Anna Brakefield
Meet the co-founder of Red Land Cotton: Anna Brakefield. Photo via Red Land Cotton’s Facebook

Thursday, June 24, is the first annual YouTube Small Business Day, and a local Alabama biz is featured. You can see Red Land Cotton showcase their hottest gift recommendations to more than 2 billion viewers from 12-1PM. Keep reading to see what this means for the biz and find out why they were chosen.

The first “live” shopping experience from YouTube

Red Land Cotton Youtube Small Business Day
Catch Anna Brakefield on your screen today. Photo via Red Land Cotton’s Facebook

This is Google’s second annual International Small Business Week and their first annual YouTube Small Business Day. The live shopping experience will feature more than 20 small business founders from around the country showing off their gifts. As you watch, you can buy directly from the livestream—no changing out of your PJs required.

Red Land Cotton, based in Moulton, Alabama, makes high-quality linens with sustainable techniques to bring their family-grown cotton to your home. The farm has been in the family for the past three decades, and five years ago, Mark Yeager and Anna Yeager Brakefield teamed up to create a retail biz that sells luxury sheets, blankets and more.

“As a small business owner, I’m always eager to find a new way to get in front of potential customers and share our business’ story. We did in-person events prior to the pandemic and haven’t had that opportunity since November of 2019. I really appreciate YouTube recognizing the difficulties small businesses face and organizing an event that leverages their platform to bring awareness to small businesses like mine and all the other amazing companies listed.”

Anna Brakefield, Co-Founder & CEO, Red Land Cotton

This local, woman-owned biz is making waves

Red Land Cotton Owners And Products
The family of Red Land Cotton. Photo via BIG Communications

Red Land Cotton is no stranger to national recognition. The cotton farm and linen production company was highlighted in Google’s Economic Impact Report in March 2021. Even when COVID-19 canceled in-person sales, Red Land Cotton’s demand for products doubled thanks to their digital marketing.

Red Land Cotton’s success goes beyond their company—it positively impacts their community in Lawrence County, Alabama. They create local jobs and promote the importance of shopping for American-made products. After witnessing the impact of COVID-19 on Alabama’s small businesses, it’s exciting to see this one find a way to thrive.  

Want to check out Red Land Cotton on YouTube Small Business Day for yourself? Watch it live from 12-1PM today.

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