From the official state legume to drive thru alcoholic beverage sales —63 new state laws begin on July 1st

Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery taken on May 30, 2022. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

During the 2022 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature, more than 200 bills were passed and signed into law.  Many of the new laws begin on July 1st, the start of the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Today, 63 new laws became official. They ranged from designates the peanut as the official state legume to allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages through a drive-thru or walk-up window.

Below is a list of the new laws compiled by WHNT-19 in Huntsville.  Visit the Alabama Legislature’s website if you want to learn more the following:

  • Text of the bill/law
  • Biographies about your state representative and senator
  • Live Stream services

Here are the laws taking effect on July 1:

Alabama Capitol
Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. (Pat Byington/The Bama Buzz)
  • SB2: Provides prohibitions on the enforcement of certain presidential orders relating to firearms
  • HB15: To exempt the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons from taxes
  • SB31: Requires employers to provide paid leave to adoptive parents
  • HB37: Relating to motor vehicles, to further provide for the requirements of autocycles
  • HB48: Amend sections relating to the Alabama Board of Funeral Services
  • HB46: Establishes State Seal of Biliteracy to recognize graduates with proficiency in English and at least one world language
  • HB54: Termination of alimony upon cohabitation with another adult in a romantic relationship, regardless of gender
  • SB56: Prohibits law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition as the sole basis to make an arrest or establish probable cause
  • HB68: Relating to criminal procedure, to allow a person to be offered protection in criminal prosecution
  • HB70: Relating to mental health, to provide definitions
  • SB90: Revises the law relating to the crime of assault in the second degree to apply to assaults on those in certain job roles
  • HB94: Extends AL Commission on Tick-Borne Illness until September 30, 2025
  • HB95: Provides a grace period for payment of fines, fees and costs upon an inmate’s release from custody
  • HB104: Authorizes posthumous pardon for any person convicted of a Class A or Class B felony, removes requirement of granting based on racial discrimination
  • HB119: Allows for the sale of alcoholic beverages through a drive-thru or walk-up window
Beer Piggly Wiggly E1612389798635 Nwc7S0
(Pat Byington/The Bama Buzz)
  • HB123: Requires public K-12 schools to employ a mental health service coordinator
  • HB108: Requires the Elevator Safety Review Board to review elevator safety within a certain time
  • HB143: The Sergeant Nick Risner Act, Crime causing death of another person, defendant not eligible for correctional incentive time, or “good time”
  • HB147: Relating to meetings of governmental bodies, allows electronic participation
  • SB150: Relating to industrial relations and labor, excludes definition of employment for marketplace contractors
  • SB158: Authorizes the State Board of Health to conduct lead inspections and enforce the Alabama Lead Reduction Act of 1997
  • HB162: Lynn Greer Retirement Income Tax Cut Act of 2022, exempts first $6,000 of taxable retirement income for those 65 years of age or older
  • HB176: Authorizes minors between 18 and 20 years old to serve alcoholic beverages when employed as a server or busser by a restaurant
  • SB182: Prohibits the restriction of certain lawful operations of motor fuel retailers
  • HB191: Relating to end-of-life care, provides for a surrogate to make decisions for the terminally ill
  • HB194: Prohibits certain public officials responsible for an election to solicit donations
  • HB199: Renames Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs to Alabama Office of Minority Affairs
  • SB203: Requires municipal courts to annually submit workload and fiscal data to the Administrative Office of Courts
  • HB205: Relating to motor vehicle dealers to provide certain supplemental license requirements
  • SB205: Requires a member of the Legislature to ask the Secretary of State to receive a set of the Code of Alabama of 1975
  • SB207: Prohibits the operation of a vehicle that contains a false or secret compartment
  • SB214: Provides the Alabama State Council on the Arts with the authority to provide grants, programs and services
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker is a Christmas tradition. Photo via Tuscaloosa Community Dancers on Facebook
  • HB215: Increases the number of entertainment districts from five to nine
  • SB222: Authorizes the AL Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects to provide requirements and set fines
  • HB230: Prohibits certain practices relating to pregnant female inmates
  • HB232: Allows access to controlled substance database by medical examiners, coroners and deputy coroners
  • SB233: Provides further availability for virtual court hearings in criminal cases
  • HB234: Allows food trucks to sell alcoholic beverages in Class 1 municipality
  • HB253: Provides an annual state income tax credit to a volunteer firefighter or rescue squad
  • HB256: Creates the Municipal Audit Clarification Act
  • HB268: Provides definition to work done by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  • SB272: Repeals section relating to the practice of medicine across state lines
  • SB282: Limits the money from fines and penalties generated from traffic tickets in municipalities
  • HB297: Changes the administering agency of the Railroad Modernization Act of 2019 from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Revenue
  • HB304: Provides approval of solid waste management to sites by local governing bodies
  • HB322: Requires K-12 schools to designate rooms where students may undress based on biological sex
  • HB333: Justice Information Commission, membership further provided for probate judges and municipal court judges
  • HB336: Expands examination options for a journeyman plumber or gas fitter, provides definitions
  • HB350: Designates the peanut as the official state legume of AL
National Peanut Festival
Photo via National Peanut Festival
  • HB352: Creates the State Employees’ Trust fund Funding Act of 2022
  • HB382: Provides for the “drive out” exemption for the state sales tax on trailers, campers and house cars
  • HB385: Removes driver’s license or identification card fees for homeless youth
  • HB391: To amend the section relating to the levy and amount of business privilege tax
  • HB403: Expands the definition of serious physical injury
  • HB413: Dental Scholarship and Loan Awards Board named, Rural Dental Scholars Program eliminated
  • HB414: Authorizes state 911 board to certify public safety telecommunications and dispatchers, requires certification
  • HB434: Authorizes the use of video depositions in human trafficking cases
  • HB435: Increases loan repayment award for Alabama Math and Science Teacher Education Program
  • HB446: Creates procedures for the release of 911 written transcripts, maintenance of recording 911 calls for two years
  • HB453: Provide further definitions relating to the AL Board of Massage Therapy
  • HB487: amends sections to expand the income tax credit available to individuals who adopt a child
  • HB488: Provides a COVID-19 death benefit for first responders
  • HB504: Law enforcement officers authorized to remove disabled vehicles from roadway

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