Gadsden native advances on MasterChef—here’s what she made

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After Gadsden native Savannah (“Sav”) Miles’ successful MasterChef audition, she’s continued to wow the celebrity judges. In the latest episode, she had another sweet victory. Keep reading to find out how she made it into season 13’s top 14.

MasterChef’s “United Cakes of America”

On Wednesday, August 9, Savannah Miles competed in the “United Cakes of America” episode of MasterChef. In this challenge, the chefs were divided into regional teams and had to replicate signature cakes from that region.

Hailing from Gadsden, Alabama, Miles was on team South, of course. She was tasked with baking Buckeye Cake—a chocolate and peanut butter layered cake.

While she didn’t take the top spot in this round (the 250th episode of MasterChef), she did advance one step closer to the $250K prize.

There’s a lot more to Miles than MasterChef

If you think Miles’ MasterChef victories are impressive, just wait. The talented 27-year-old chef also attended Harvard University, where she earned a degree in social studies, according to The Gadsden Times.

In addition, she co-founded In the Pines Produce, a North Alabama farm. They specialize in sustainable produce, offering a farm box delivery service and partnering with local restaurants. This summer, they partnered with Back Forty Beer Company in Gadsden to add their fresh heirloom tomatoes to the pork belly BLT.

Now, she’s bringing her southern charm and serious skills to MasterChef, advancing through round after round. In the next episode, airing on August 16, she’ll be competing in the “Dodger Stadium Field Challenge.”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Miles, both on MasterChef and back home in Alabama. According to TV Fanatic, Miles dreams of owning her own farm-to-table, pay-what-you-can restaurant.

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