Get ready to scoot, Ttown—300 Veo E-bikes available now

Veo Scooters
Perfect for scooting to class… or Innis Photo via Veo

Veo just dropped 300 brand-new E-bikes off in Title Town, and Tuscaloosa students, visitors, faculty and staff are in for a treat. We’ve got the scoop on where (and how) you can pick up your next ride.

The newest way to scoot around Ttown

Veo Scoot
Veo Scooters like this one have been a hit in Birmingham. Photo via Nathan Watson for The Bama Buzz

HQ’d in Chicago, Veo is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing micromobility companies. (Micromobility refers to self-driven, lightweight vehicles that usually don’t go more than 15 MPH.)

Veo has had great success in Birmingham, and is excited to bring accessible mobility to Tuscaloosa. It is where legends are made, after all.

“We’re excited to integrate Veo devices into The University of Alabama’s transit system, filling a gap between mass transit, personal or shared vehicles and foot traffic. Since Veo’s fleet is solely designed and engineered in-house, we believe our devices’ technology and quality will meet the diverse mobility needs of UA’s students, faculty, staff and guests.”

Candice Xie, CEO, VEO

The new rides

Veo Ride
Allow me to introduce your new favorite mode of transportation. Photo via Veo

If you’re in Tuscaloosa, keep your eyes peeled for this bad boy. 300 of these Cosmo E-bikes just hit town.

They were thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on accessibility and safety. Most notable features of the Cosmo include:

  • Both motor and pedals, so you control how you ride.
  • Easy control, thanks to 18-inch wheels and a well-balanced frame with a low center of gravity.
  • Safety features like break lights and glow-in-the-dark painted decals to increase visibility at night. 
  • Their signature “swappable battery system,” which makes devices available 24/7.

How to Veo

How I’d be zooming to Fried Fridays. Photo via Veo

The Cosmo E-bikes are conveniently located in parking corrals across campus. When you’re ready to ride, simply download the Veo app and scan a QR code. You’ll pay $1 to unlock the device, then $0.39 per minute for the rest of your trip.

After you’re finished riding, return it to a designated parking corral or any bike rack within the service area. Don’t worry, the app lets you know what areas are no parking or recommended parking zones. You’ll need to snag a quick picture within the app to confirm you’ve ended your ride and parked as you should.

And good behavior doesn’t go unnoticed…UA riders will receive a $0.25 reward for proper parking.

A transportation solution for Tuscaloosa

With students, visitors, faculty and staff staying busy in Tuscaloosa, the town is thrilled to have another transportation option to get them from point A to point B.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve campus transportation so students can more easily get to the places and events that matter to them. I’m thrilled that we could partner with Veo to bring transportation options that are safe and sustainable, while also being fun to ride.”

—Jillian Fields, President, UA Student Government Association

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