Your guide to 7 of our favorite locally-made gift ideas in Huntsville

Locally-Made In Huntsville
Show off Huntsville through your gift-giving. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

As a recently relocated Huntsville resident, I will be fully embracing my new area code and giving the gift of Rocket City. This year, I’ll be shopping small and local for everyone on my list—naughty and nice. Read on to come shopping with me for some locally-made gift ideas and exactly where to find them.

1. Candle to fill the home with delicious scents

Take a sniff of these candles. You’ll want to buy one for everyone on your list and one for yourself, too. After all, I’m sure you’ve been nice this year.

2. Art from local artists

You will find some some great art pieces from local artists. Someone on my list is getting one of these… but my lips are sealed!

3. Huntsville mug (complete with something yummy to brew)

Whether you’re shopping for a coffee or tea drinker, you’re sure to find some yummy Huntsville grounds or leaves to warm the tummy (and soul). I even met the artist who makes the mugs. Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for any early riser or night owl?

4. Good reads

You can give the gift of good reads this holiday season. Pick up a book about Huntsville or written by a fellow Huntsvillian. To Fly is a memoir written by the US Army’s first astronaut.

Fun Fact: Harrison Brothers Hardware Store has even shipped this book to the Netherlands. Talk about high demand!

5. Ornaments for your Christmas tree

Locally-Made In Huntsville
You’ll find one of these on my tree! Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

Fill your tree with locally-made ornaments. I met the girl behind the art, Brennen Wise. These ornaments are sure to put a smile on any face and would be a great idea for any ornament exchange you may find yourself at this season.

6. T-Shirts to show off your Huntsville faves

Locally-Made In Huntsville
I love the local beer t-shirt. This will be my reward after doing the Craft Beer Trail! Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

Who doesn’t love a funny t-shirt? Fow Wow Designs is local and designs printed t-shirts to show off your HSV pride.

I won’t name names but someone on my list loves NASA. Any space-themed Rocket City shirt would be perfect.

7. North Alabamian lotion

While this buttery soft Shea Creme isn’t from within Huntsville city limits, it is native to North Alabama—Mooresville, to be exact.

It is EVERYWHERE. It is SO GOOD. It is the PERFECT gift or stocking stuffer.

Trust me, you’re going to want to pick some 1818 Farms Shea Creme up.

Check out these five holiday markets in North Alabama for more locally-made gifts.

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