Gulf Shores makes “Best Beaches in the US” list by Trip Savvy

Gulf Shores And Orange Beach Tourism
Three cheers for Gulf Shores. (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism / Facebook)

Gulf Shores is turning heads. The Alabama Gulf Coast beach has received shoutouts from Trip Savvy as one of the best beaches in the US and from Travel + Leisure as a top under-the-radar beach destination. Here’s a closer look. 

What Trip Savvy is saying

For those of us who live in Alabama, we may think our love for Gulf Shores is biased. As it turns out, we’re not biased at all. Just check out Trip Savvy‘s recent list of “18 Best Beaches in the US”.

The online travel guide recently shared their list of favorite beach towns and Gulf Shores was number one! Okay, so they didn’t specify whether the list was in order of awesomeness, but with Gulf Shores listed first, we’re believing it’s so.

Here are a few reasons Trip Savvy is a fan of Gulf Shores:

  • Ample wildlife spotting ops
  • Enchanting oceanfront city
  • Expansive Gulf State Park with 6,000+ acres
  • Stunning surroundings
  • Sugar-sand beaches

Trip Savvy also applauded several local seafood spots including:

Travel + Leisure‘s take on Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores And Orange Beach Tourism
You can actually feel the sand in this photo. (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism / Facebook)

If you think Florida’s beaches are the best, Travel + Leisure has some words for you. Here’s what the magazine had to say about Alabama Coast beach Gulf Shores (and Orange Beach):

“Together, the two cities are an under-the-radar, low-key region of the South boasting the same white sugar-sand beaches and spectacular outdoor space as the Florida panhandle—with significantly fewer crowds…[the] area is a tranquil region with a moderate climate…and crystal clear blue-green water.”

Travel + Leisure

Some key spots mentioned in the article include:

A couple of restaurants were also highlighted, including Fisher’s Upstairs for its fresh-caught Alabama seafood and Flora-Bama, a roadhouse bar known for having the best Buschwackers in the South.

We have plenty more reasons why you’ll want to visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach:

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