Here are 26 of the best restaurants across Alabama—according to our audience

Dew Drop Inn
Dew Drop in Mobile was a popular pick. (Elizabeth Winsor / The Bama Buzz)

If you haven’t noticed, we love shouting out local restaurants—and our audience does, too. We asked our Facebook audience what the best restaurants in Alabama are, and we got a lot of feedback. Here are some of the shout-outs from across the state.

North Alabama restaurants

Valentina'S Pizza Huntsville
Valentina’s Pizza is an award-winning spot in Alabama. (Lacey Spear / The Bama Buzz)

As a North Alabama native, I have a bit of a bias toward these mentions. Here are some of our audience’s favorite restaurants across Huntsville, Madison, Guntersville and the Shoals.

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Central Alabama restaurants

Bright Star
Bright Star in Bessemer got the most shout-outs from our audience. (Sadie Sue Long / The Bama Buzz)

Moving further down south, our audience loves these restaurants—from pizza to Greek food—in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and beyond.

The Bright Star Restaurant got the most shout-outs of any spot in Alabama, and you can read more about its long history here!

South Alabama restaurants

The Gulf Coast has some of the best seafood spots in the state, so we weren’t surprised to see several of these spots make the list.

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