Here comes the sun + reasons for Alabama to become better in solar energy

Solar Energy
Ferus Ales rooftop solar panels via drone. Photo via Eagle Solar & Light

Life may be sunny in Alabama, but many Alabama businesses and homes aren’t taking advantage of this. Here’s how Alabama ranks in the South for solar rooftop energy, plus local businesses that can help you install solar panels . Keep on reading for more details.

The state of solar energy in Alabama

Solar Energy
A solar panel project in Colbert County near the town of Cherokee, Alabama. Photo via TVA

The Southern Law Environmental Law Center just released their “makers” and “breakers” for rooftop solar energy in the South. Unfortunately, Alabama made the “breakers” list. The state is at the bottom of the list for southern states. This means Alabama isn’t making solar energy cost-effective or a good clean energy choice. We also placed last in the amount of solar energy jobs. Alabama has:

  • 501 homes and businesses using solar panels
  • 481 solar energy jobs

“We’ve seen good policies successfully bring solar within reach for Southerners who want to cut their utility bill with clean energy.

But our region has so much more untapped solar potential, and regulatory and utility policies will have an enormous impact on whether we reach it.”

Lauren Bowen, Senior Attorney, SELC’s Solar Initiative

According to SLEC’s report, one reason Alabama is ranked 49th nationally for solar energy is because of Alabama Power‘s extra fees for using solar energy. The average rooftop solar customer pays $300 of additional fees per year. This means you’re paying more than a total of $9,000 of additional fees during your lifetime!

Alabama business supporting solar energy

Solar Energy
Sunny days = a reason for solar panels. Photo via Terri Robertson for the Bama Buzz

Alabama, we can make a difference. Check out these Alabama business that can help you put solar panels on your business or home:

We may have been a solar energy “breaker”, but we know Alabama can be a “maker.” Let’s work to make our state one of the best in solar rooftop energy in the South.

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