How to find the best Mobile Airbnb for your Mardi Gras vacay + beyond

Get your rental sorted so you can let the good times roll. (Oakleigh Garden District)

Happy Monday, Alabama! We are just a mere four days away from the kickoff of Mardi Gras parades down here in Mobile. Not to worry, though, our celebrations will last all month long. If you want to drop by and party with us, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Keep reading and we’ll break down how to find the perfect BnB for your Mardi Parti and even show you a few up for grabs right now.

Mardi Gras Calendar: When to book your stay

The Mardi Gras schedule can be confusing, we’re here to help. (City of Mobile)

Considering that Mardi Gras takes up the greater part of a month, it can be hard to pick exactly when to schedule your Mardi Gras stay. Let’s take a look at some important Mardi Gras dates for your trip:

  • Friday, February 11: Mardi Gras Parades kick off, makes for a great family experience, be here for the start of the party
  • Sunday, February 27: Joe Cain Day – the Joe Cain procession is open to the community and anyone can march in this parade unique to Mobile
  • Monday, February 28: Lundi Gras – the day before Fat Tuesday, typically lots of children’s parades and parades sponsored by schools march this day
  • Tuesday, March 1: Fat Tuesday! The official Mardi Gras holiday, a full day of revelry, parades and partying

You can’t go wrong by attending any week of the Mardi Gras experience, but those are some dates to keep in mind when booking your trip.

Knowing the land: Where should you book your stay?

Find out where your perfect BnB is. (Mobile Porch Parade / Facebook)

So the key to finding your perfect BnB is knowing the lay of the land. For the purpose of this article, we’ll break Mobile up into three areas West Mobile, Midtown Mobile and Downtown Mobile. Let’s break them down:

West Mobile: the most “suburban” part of Mobile. Might have the best prices, but will be furthest from all the parade action. More likely to get a house than a studio apartment

Midtown Mobile: the more historic side of Mobile, gorgeous vintage houses, further from the parades than downtown but an Uber ride or sometimes even a little walk will get you downtown

Downtown Mobile: the heart of the party but also the most expensive, tends to be smaller than West or midtown units.

You can’t go wrong no matter which neighborhood you stay in. Location should, however, be your first consideration when booking your BnB to factor in Uber costs, schedule your parade attendance and more.

What to search for in your BnB: Bedrooms, balconies, amenities and more

How many people are in your group? Do you need a kitchen to cook breakfasts or brunches in? Does Fido want to come to the parades, too? Want to do some laundry during your stay? All of these are important questions to ask yourself before booking your BnB. Once you have all your extra factors considered, you start looking for your desired amenities. Check for balconies in downtown units, there’s a chance you’re along a parade route and can catch beads right from your rental.

Some suggestions to get your started: 5 BnBs we found for a great Mardi Gras stay

Let’s find you the perfect rental. (Lynn Henderson Oldshue / Facebook)

We get it, finding a rental can be stressful. That’s why we put together this short list of five Airbnbs available during the week of Fat Tuesday in both Downtown and Midtown Mobile to get your rental hunt started. Check ’em out!

NOTE: all prices reflect rental rates for the week of Fat Tuesday, rates may change depending on number of days booked.

1. Conti Condo at Mardi Gras Corner

This precious, industrial little one-bedroom condo is absolutely perfect for a small group who wants to be right in the middle of all the Mardi Gras action, for a great price at that.

  • Number of bedrooms: 1bd/1ba with sleeper sofa
  • How many people does it sleep: 4 (1 queen bed, 1 sofa bed)
  • Location: LoDa District, downtown Mobile
  • Price: $148/night
  • Amenities: washer/dryer, first-floor walk up, full kitchen, Roku TV
  • Book now: Airbnb

2. The Merry Widow Loft

Now this unit is a great find. An adorable little studio that 3-4 people can comfortably crash in, right in the middle of the parades and downtown partying.

  • Number of bedrooms: Studio, 1bd/1ba
  • How many people does it sleep: 3 (1 bed, 1 couch)
  • Location: Second floor of The Merry Widow bar in the entertainment district of downtown Mobile
  • Price: $466/night
  • Amenities: patio/balcony, full kitchen, pet friendly
  • Book now: Airbnb

3. An adorable, historic midtown home

A beautiful full house in midtown Mobile is the perfect place to decompress after all your Mardi Gras activities.

  • Number of bedrooms: 2bd/1ba
  • How many people does it sleep: 4-5 (couch can sleep 1, bed-space for 4)
  • Location: Midtown Mobile, near Old Dauphin Way Historic District
  • Price: $254/night
  • Amenities: whole house to yourself, patios/porches, backyard, driveway for parking, full kitchen
  • Book now: Airbnb

4. Dauphin District Darling #3

What an adorable spot to spend your post-Mardi Gras nights.

  • Number of bedrooms: 2bd/2ba
  • How many people does it sleep: 6
  • Location: Old Dauphin Way Historic District, midtown Mobile
  • Price: $355/night
  • Amenities: full kitchen, private parking, whole house to yourself, outside sitting areas
  • Book now: Airbnb

5. The Mardi Gras Manor

If you have a huge Mardi Gras group, or even some kiddos /pets, definitely check out this precious little house that sleeps 12 in the Old Dauphin Way historic district.

  • Number of bedrooms: 3bd/2ba
  • How many people does it sleep: 12
  • Location: Old Dauphin Way Historic District, midtown Mobile
  • Price: $483/night
  • Amenities: full kitchen, whole house, pet friendly, outdoor areas
  • Book now: Airbnb

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